It’s Been a Little While, And a Long Pandemic.

It’s been a little while since the last time I wrote something that wasn’t related to work. As a later generation millennial I am someone who remembers what life was like both before and after the internet.

While life with the internet is far better, there has been costs to the ease of access to shopping, information, other people’s “lives” and so on. Anything you need or want can be found on some part of the internet.

Since COVID-19 wrecked the world as we know it, I’ve noticed a pattern emerging throughout the country. Overdose and suicide rates are on the rise. The number of people seeking mental health treatment are skyrocketing. As someone who works in the addiction treatment and mental health space, it’s definitely hard to sit back and see people who I’ve known to be sober for a long time, relapse, overdose and die.

One small action and a life is gone. Family torn apart, a piece of them always missing. Feelings can take over a person and make it so hard to see that there is always another solution. Another way to solve whatever it is.

It’s had me thinking about what we can do as a society to work through this new normal. This constant feeling that the world is just doomed and that we are just running in place.

Whether you are an addict or alcoholic in recovery or someone recovering daily from a mental health-related issue, it’s important to remember that no matter what you are never alone. There are so many resources out there from local treatment programs to online addiction and mental health resources to peer support groups, online apps and Facebook groups.

I think the most important thing is to remember no feeling is permanent but actions are. There are some things that you can’t take back. For today, just for today, we all try to be a version of ourselves that is a little better than the day before but that doesn’t mean perfection. If you need help reach out. If you feel hopeless, please talk to someone. As someone who has struggled from everything from substance abuse to mental illness to suicide attempts to chronic health conditions to a gender identity journey and just life, I promise you things can get better and sometimes it’s just waiting through the storm.



This is a safe space where different opinions are welcomed and where voices matter.

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