It is common knowledge that people tend to eat more, or unhealthier, when they are stressed, but I was unaware the extent stress can have on diet alone. I was surprised that even if you eat healthy food when you are stressed it does not have much of a difference on your diet. This makes sense though as your body is under pressure and there are many factors going on that influence your mind as well as your body. In my experience, when I stress I usually eat poorly to begin with, so I am not sure if I feel the effects of the stress or the effects of the junk food. Lately, I especially find myself eating more out of stress than I used to in the past.

When we talk about younger generations, I think that people are more sedentary because they do not have time to be active as much as they should. Personally, I wish I could be more active and altogether spend more time outside doing physical activities. But there is so much going on that there is never enough time. There is either too much homework, or too many things packed into a schedule where there is no room to add more physical activity. I am already struggling to plan ahead for when I will fit in going to the gym with all my other activities in the fall. In high school I rarely moved, it was one class after the other just sitting there staring at a person talk. I think if more physical activity was implemented into our daily lives, and into school, we would be healthier and generally happier too.

A very important part of health, that is often overlooked, is mental health. It is not something a lot of people think about or pay much attention to, but it is a major aspect of life and is crucial that more attention is paid to those facilities. Additionally, I believe that mental health care should be more widely accessible because so many people who need it are not able to receive it. To me, mental health awareness and mental health resources are so crucial in society. I have struggled in the past and I have known many people who continue to struggle and many of them do not get the attention or care they need. Both mental and physical health should be properly addressed and thought about as equally important.