Hooked: What a great reading!

A high-level review of Hooked, by NIR EYAL

“About 40% of what we do is done out of habit.”

The ‘Hooked’ design model is an experience design to connect the user’s problem to the company’s solution, with enough frequency to form a habit. ‘Hooks’ consist of 4 parts: a trigger, an action, a reward, and an investment.

Check their awesome site here.

Please also check this very well designed narrated animation of the book’s concepts.

In the next few weeks I am going to create and publish every week, a case study based on the book’s concepts. This case study with include a specific industry, a specific business model, and ideas that step from the book. It will be nice examples of the hooked model and how it can be used to create value through its implementation in various settings.

Stay tuned!