(t5!) Albums Of The 2000s (Redux) [100 to 51]

See how my taste evolved from the last time I did this! Twenty at a time for the next two weeks, all blurbs from allmusic.com. Fight!

#100: Radiohead — Amnesiac
Released June 5, 2001

Pyramid Song | Morning Bell/Amnesiac | Like Spinning Plates

Amnesiac plays like a streamlined version of Kid A, complete with blatant electronica moves and production that sacrifices songs for atmosphere.”

#99: Islands — Return To The Sea
Released April 4, 2006

Swans (Life After Death) | Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby | Rough Gem

“Islands have crafted a rich, exciting, and emotionally deep sounding album that carries on the freewheeling spirit and sound of the Unicorns as well as that of the Elephant 6 bands of the late ‘90s.”

#98: Franz Ferdinand — Franz Ferdinand
Released February 9, 2004

Jacqueline | Take Me Out | This Fire

“…it’s apparent that they’re one of the more exciting groups to come out of the garage rock/post-punk revival.”

#97: Asobi Seksu — Citrus
Released May 30, 2006
Friendly Fire

New Years | Thursday | Red Sea

“There are enough guitar effects on Citrus to make Kevin Shields proud and enough reverb and echo on the vocals to make Rachel Goswell blush.”

#96: Beirut — Gulag Orkestar
Released May 9, 2006
Ba Da Bing!

Postcards From Italy | Scenic World | After The Curtain

“…the songs on Gulag Orkestar are lousy with mandolins and similarly plinky members of the string instrument family, accordions, horns, and hand percussion clearly played with dramatic in-studio arm flourishes”

#95: Death Cab For Cutie — Transatlanticism
Released October 7, 2003

The New Year | Transatlanticism | Passenger Seat

“But it’s Gibbard’s poetic lyrics and signature introspection that remain a bench mark for Death Cab; and it’s the group’s maturity as musicians as well as songwriters that make Transatlanticism such a decadently good listen from start to finish.”

#94: The Strokes — Is This It?
Released July 30, 2001

The Modern Age | Soma | Someday

“…The Strokes don’t rehash the sounds that inspire them — they remake them in their own image.”

#93: Feist — Let It Die
Released May 18, 2004

Mushaboom | Let It Die | Inside And Out

“The romance of the City of Lights glows throughout as a combination of folk, bossa nova, jazz-pop, and indie rock finds its place among the 11-track song list.”

#92: Radiohead — Hail To The Thief
Released June 9, 2003

2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm) | There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere) | A Wolf At The Door (It Girl. Rag Doll)

“Guitars churn and chime and sound like guitars more often than not; drums are more likely to be played by a human; and discernible verses are more frequently trailed by discernible choruses.”

#91: The White Stripes — Elephant
Released April 1, 2003

Seven Nation Army | There’s No Home For You Here | The Hardest Button To Button

“Darker and more difficult than White Blood Cells, the album offers nothing as immediately crowd-pleasing or sweet as “Fell in Love With a Girl” or “We’re Going to Be Friends,” but it’s more consistent, exploring disillusionment and rejection with razor-sharp focus.”

#90: Panda Bear — Person Pitch
Released March 20, 2007
Paw Tracks

Comfy In Nautica | Bro’s | I’m Not

Person Pitch is very much an end product of a variety of musical trends in whatever can be called indie rock in the early 21st century — big-sounding, absolutely dedicated to texture and sonic playfulness, and somehow aiming to make a lot of interesting ideas seem kinda flat.”

#89: Lupe Fiasco — Food & Liquor
Released September 19, 2006
1st & 15th

Just Might Be OK | Kick, Push | Daydreamin’

“…just might be the steadiest and most compelling rap album of 2006”

#88: Interpol — Antics
Released September 27, 2004

Narc | Slow Hands | C’mere

“The truth, as alluded to above, is that they will never make a record as special as the debut. However, following it with one that is merely very good is no crime.”

#87: The Shins — Chutes Too Narrow
Released October 21, 2003
Sub Pop

Kissing The Lipless | So Says I | Gone For Good

“They excel at sounding happy, sad, frustrated, and vulnerable at the same time, and their best songs, whether they’re fast or slow, feel like they’re bursting with nervous energy.”

#86: Damien Rice — O
Released February 1, 2002
14th Floor

Volcano | The Blower’s Daughter | Amie

“This Irish singer/songwriter works with impassioned folk songs that move from stripped-down to grandly orchestrated in a heartbeat.”

#86: Isolée — We Are Monster
Released June 6, 2005

Pictureloved | Schrapnell | Mädchen mit Hase

“…We Are Monster is beautifully timeless as a result, positing a universe where everything from industrial beats to prog drones and French filter-disco, not to mention classic house and techno straight up, completely recombines with any number of other elements into new forms again and again.”

#84: The Notwist — Neon Golden
Released January 14, 2002

One Step Inside Doesn’t Mean You Understand | Pick Up The Phone | Consequence

“The album’s minimal kitchen-sink vibe was stronger, the wide assortment of instruments were arranged with new conviction, and the band would throw in a startlingly unpretentious mixture of tub-thumbing static, cellos, banjos, organs, and breakbeats while Markus Acher’s Belle & Sebastian-styled vocals flowed underneath like island run-off.”

#83: Cassie — Cassie
Released August 7, 2006
Bad Boy

Me & U | Long Way 2 Go | About Time

“As a vocalist, Cassie has enough character and ability to sell her material without fail.”

#82: Yeah Yeah Yeahs — It’s Blitz!
Released March 9, 2009

Zero | Heads Will Roll | Hysteric

“Never content to stay in one musical place for very long, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs take their restlessness to the limit on It’s Blitz! — and wind up making some of their most contented-sounding songs.”

#81: Gang Gang Dance — Saint Dymphna
Released September 5, 2008
The Social Registry

Princes | Inners Place | House Jam

“Brooklyn’s Gang Gang Dance is an excellent example of the vibrancy found in the loosely knit underground musical community in New York.”

#80: Hercules And Love Affair — Hercules And Love Affair
Released March 10, 2008

Blind | Iris| Raise Me Up

“…few treat disco as a living and breathing art form, as opposed to something in need of a revival and the uniqueness-eliminating reverence that often goes with it”

#79: The Field — From Here We Go Sublime
Released March 30, 2007

Over The Ice | A Paw In My Face | The Deal

“…From Here We Go Sublime, the debut full-length release by the Field, is nevertheless stunning, its less-is-more aesthetic striking because of its elegance as well as ease.”

#78: Spoon — Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Released July 7, 2007

The Ghost Of You Lingers | You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb | Don’t You Evah

“…each song is as carefully and creatively pruned as a bonsai tree, with nothing fussy or superfluous to mar the clean lines of the songwriting or arrangements.”

#77: The Postal Service — Give Up
Released February 19, 2003
Sub Pop

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight | Such Great Heights | Brand New Colony

“Ben Gibbard’s famously bittersweet vocals and sharp, sensitive lyrics imbue Give Up with more emotional heft than you might expect from a synth pop album, especially one by a side project from musicians as busy as Tamborello and Gibbard are.”

#76: The Mountain Goats — The Sunset Tree
Released April 26, 2005

This Year | Dance Music | Love Love Love

“Darnielle’s talent for writing an engaging narrative is matched only by the succinctness of the music behind it.”

#75: Arctic Monkeys — Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
Released January 23, 2006

Mardy Bum | From The Ritz To The Rubble | A Certain Romance

“…celebrating nights out fueled by lager and loud guitars — is the bedrock foundation of the Arctic Monkeys, just the way as it has been for most British rock bands since the mid-’90s”

#74: Feist — The Reminder
Released April 23, 2007

I Feel It All | 1234 | How My Heart Behaves

The Reminder, will serve as proof that Feist’s success was no fluke, as the album contains more of the same sweet, introspective lyrics and chords that float around love and longing (or lack thereof) like cottonwood seeds in late spring.”

#73: Lil’ Wayne — Tha Carter III
Released June 10, 2008
Cash Money

A Milli | Got Money | Lollipop

“Filled with bold, entertaining wordplay and plenty of well-executed, left-field ideas, Tha Carter III should be considered as a wild, somewhat difficult child of Weezy’s magnum opus in motion, one that allows the listener an exhilarating and unapologetic taste of artistic freedom.”

#72: Girl Talk — Night Ripper
Released May 9, 2006
Illegal Art

Smash My Head | Minute By Minute | Bounce That

“Because of the recognizability of the pieces used, Night Ripper is a good tool for showing listeners unfamiliar with the art of sampling what a talented DJ can actually do”

#71: Low — Things We Lost In The Fire
Released January 22, 2001

Sunflower | Laser Beam | Kind Of Girl

“The thaw culminates on Things We Lost in the Fire; despite its brooding title, it’s the group’s loveliest, most approachable collection of songs yet.”

#70: The Stills — Logic Will Break Your Heart
Released October 21, 2003

Changes Are No Good | Animals And Insects | Fevered

“The modern sound of Logic Will Break Your Heart is undoubtedly rooted in post-punk threads of the Cure and the Smiths, but the Stills create something that’s partly glamorous and fully imaginative.”

#69: Studio — West Coast
Released October 21, 2003

Out There | West Side | Life’s A Beach!

West Coast sounding as if Seventeen Seconds had been recorded in Nassau rather than London is as perfect a summation as any.”

#68: Luomo — Vocalcity
Released May 23, 2000
Force Inc.

Class | Synkro | Tessio

“Yet if there is one thing the glitch generation lacked from the get go, it was a good old-fashioned sense of soul-funk.”

#67: Grouper — Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
Released June 10, 2008

Disengaged | Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping | Traveling Through A Sea

“That haze lifts ever so slightly on Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, letting more melody, more structured songs, and even a few phrases emerge from the ether.”

#66: Dirty Projetors — Bitte Orca
Released June 9, 2009

Cannibal Resource | Stillness Is The Move | Two Doves

“…there’s far too much pleasure in this music for its eccentricities to put off anyone who is open to its gleeful, eclectic, internationalist heart.”

#65: Manitoba — Up In Flames
Released March 31, 2003

Hendrix With KO | Jacknuggeted | Crayon

“Dan Snaith’s Manitoba project distills everything that’s breathtaking and slightly absurd about several extremist alternative-pop movements of the ’90s: the jangly white-noise of classic Too Pure/Beggars Banquet records (Pram, Stereolab); freewheeling pastoralia from Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips; and the warm ’60s bubblegum of prime Elephant 6 pop music.”

#64: Coldplay — Parachutes
Released July 10, 2000

Shiver | Sparks | Yellow

“Combining bits of distorted guitar riffs and swishing percussion, Parachutes was a delightful introduction and also quickly indicated the reason why this album earned Coldplay a Mercury Music Prize nomination in fall 2000. “

#63: Spoon — Kill The Moonlight
Released August 20, 2002

The Way We Get By | Stay Don’t Go | All The Pretty Girls Go To The City

“…almost like a breather after the emotional and musical intensity of their previous album. point. “

#62: Clipse — Hell Hath No Fury
Released November 28, 2006

Mr. Me Too | Wamp Wamp (What It Do) | Ride Around Shining

Hell Hath No Fury is a lean, furious, cold-blooded album that is vividly to-the-point.”

#61: Belle & Sebastian — Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Released October 6, 2003
Rough Trade

Step Into My Office, Baby | If She Wants Me | Lord Anthony

“Murdoch’s songs are firmly within the patented Belle & Sebastian style, and while it may be true that he’s not stretching himself much as a writer, that doesn’t matter because he sounds assured and confident, turning out a set of songs that are finely crafted and tuneful.”

#60: Iron & Wine — Our Endless Numbered Days
Released March 23, 2004
Sub Pop

Radio War | Fever Dream | Passing Afternoon

“The sound of the record is still very intimate and simple, with very subtle arrangements that leave his voice and lyrics as the focal point.”

#59: Justin Timberlake — FutureSex/LoveSounds
Released September 12, 2006

My Love | What Goes Around…/…Comes Around (Interlude) | (Another Song) All Over Again

“Timbaland, Timberlake’s chief collaborator here…does indeed spend plenty of time on FutureSex refurbishing the electro-funk of Prince’s early-’80s recordings”

#58: The-Dream — Love Vs. Money
Released March 10, 2009
Radio Killa

Rockin’ That Shit | My Love | Right Side Of My Brain

“…stuffed with hooks, ceaselessly absorptive productions, and clever and often funny wordplay.”

#57: M.I.A. — Arular
Released March 23, 2005

Bucky Done Gun | 10 Dollar | Galang

“The blend of styles — a dense, often chaotic collage of garage from the U.K., dancehall from Jamaica, crunk from the Dirty South, electro and hardcore rap from New York, and glints of a few others — is unique enough to baffle anyone who dares categorize it.”

#56: Okkervil River — Black Sheep Boy
Released April 5, 2005

For Real | In A Radio Song | So Come Back, I Am Waiting

“Okkervil River continue to break the glass between messy nerves and orchestrated elegance on their fourth full-length…”

#55: Primal Scream — XTRMNTR
Released January 31, 2000

Swastika Eyes [Jagz Kooner Mix] | Blood Money | Keep Your Dreams

“So just as Screamadelica tried to encapsulate the importance of ecstasy culture, or Vanishing Point tried to exorcise their own insanity, here XTRMNTR is a nasty, fierce realization of an entire world that has also lost the plot.”

#54: Arcade Fire — Neon Bible
Released March 3, 2007

Keep The Car Running | No Cars Go | My Body Is A Cage

“If Funeral was the goodbye kiss on the coffin of youth, then Bibleis the bitter pint (or pints) after a long day’s work.”

#53: Burial — Untrue
Released November 5, 2007

Archangel | Near Dark | Homeless

“…an album where the music, a singular style of it, takes center stage with no distractions or sideshows, where there’s never the urge to skip to the next track, because they’re all part and parcel of the greater whole.”

#52: Architecture In Helsinki — In Case We Die
Released April 5, 2005

It’s 5! | Maybe You Can Owe Me | Do The Whirlwind

“Everything on In Case We Die, from the intensely sweet melodies and vocals to the widescreen production, delivers the kind of playful pop majesty that [theit debut album] Fingers Crossed’s best moments hinted were within Architecture in Helsinki’s grasp.”

#51: The Knife — Silent Shout
Released February 17, 2006

Silent Shout | We Share Our Mothers’ Health | Marble House

“The remoteness of the Knife (aka Olof and Karin Dreijer) and the chilliness of their music makes it easy to conjure up images of the duo working in a studio that resembles the Fortress of Solitude, playing instruments carved out of ice.”

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