(t5!) Albums Of The 2000s (Redux) [150 to 101]

ee how my taste evolved from the last time I did this! Twenty at a time for the next two weeks, all blurbs from allmusic.com. Fight!

#150: Mouse On Mars — Idiology
Released April 24, 2001

Actionist Respoke | Catching Butterflies With Hands | Paradical

“While their peers in the field of electronic music continued to either overshoot experimentally (resulting in radical, unlistenable work) or make the same records over and over again, German duo Mouse on Mars pumped out radical, intriguing work by the bucketful.”

#149: Deerhunter — Cryptograms
Released January 29, 2007

Hazel St. | Tape Hiss Orchid | Heatherwood

“…much of Cryptograms meanders about in the experimental realm, where swells and layers matter more than melody or structure.”

#148: Cornelius — Point
Released October 24, 2001

Drop | Tone Twilight Zone | Brazil

“Keigo Oyamada’s fondness for exotica, bossa nova, garage rock, and dream pop also shapes Point, but the effect is more organic and less contrived; bright, strummy guitars, insistent beats, and sweet harmonies loop over and over again until the songs reach their breaking points.”

#147: …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead — Source Tags And Codes
Released February 26, 2002

Another Morning Stoner | How Near, How Far | Source Tags And Codes

“It’s a seamless transition, mixing the sweeping, fearlessly anthemic qualities of their previous work with a newfound sheen that actually makes the music’s earnest roughness stand out more”

#146: Badly Drawn Boy — The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
Released June 26, 2000

The Shining | Once Around The Block | Cause A Rockslide

“Despite all attempts to sabotage his songwriting and production with innumerable experimental tidbits, songs within a song, and (seemingly) tossed-off arrangements, Damon Gough has to face the fact that he wrote and produced over a dozen excellent songs of baroque folk-pop for his album debut, and the many gems can’t help but shine through all the self-indulgence.”

#145: Doves — The Last Broadcast
Released April 29, 2002

Words | There Goes The Fear | Caught By The River

“…it does carry the best set of productions he has been given to work with, and it guarantees that he won’t be leaving the singles charts any time soon.”

#144: Wild Beasts — Two Dancers
Released August 3, 2009

Hooting & Howling | All The King’s Men | This Is Our Lot

“That can’t be said of Two Dancers, which sounds far more inviting; it sighs and caresses where Limbo, Panto stomped and snarled.”

#143: Bright Eyes — I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
Saddle Creek
Old Soul Song (For The New World Order) | Lua | First Day Of My Life

I’m Wide Awake is designed as a nakedly honest singer/songwriter album, somewhat inspired by the classics of the genre in the ‘70s”

#142: Metric — Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Released September 2, 2003
Last Gang

Combat Baby | Wet Blanket | Dead Disco

“For fans of later Metric work, such as the stellar Fantasies, this makes for necessary listening.”

#141: Pantha Du Prince — This Bliss
Released January 29, 2007

Asha | Saturn Strobe | Moonstruck

“The effect is hypnotic, like driving on the expressway into a snowstorm at night, how you can feel the underlying propulsion of the car and hear its constant rumble, yet at the same time, a fuzzy sense of comfort can easily overtake you as the snowflakes dance bewitchingly in your headlights.”

#140: Joanna Newsom — Ys
Released November 6, 2006
Drag City

Emily | Only Skin | Cosmia

Ys is epic, restless, and demanding, made up of five dazzling, shape-shifting songs that range from seven to 16 minutes long.”

#139: Cut Copy — Bright Like Neon Love
Released April 5, 2004

Time Stands Still | Saturdays | Zap Zap

Bright Like Neon Love…is so enamored with simple ideals of dance music, it feels like a dreamy, unconscious state of hypnotic rhythms designed purely for easy listening.”

#138: Clipse — We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 2
Released December 1, 2005

What’s Up | Mic Check | Zen

#137: The Decemberists — Castaways And Cutouts
Released May 21, 2002

Leslie Anne Levine | A Cautionary Song | Cocoon

“Throughout the disc, Meloy’s songs tell tales of life’s castaways, including Spanish gypsies and Turkish prostitutes, painting glorious pictures with supposedly suspicious characters.”

#136: Jens Lekman — Oh You’re So Silent Jens
Released June, 8, 2005

Maple Leaves [EP Version] | Pocketful Of Money | Another Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill

“His sound is glittering and shiny bedroom pop built on gentle guitars, bold and often hilariously obvious samples, subtle orchestration and arrangement topped with lyrical turns that brings laughs, and heartfelt vocals that can bring tears. “

#135: The Go! Team — Thunder, Lightning, Strike
Released September 13, 2004
Memphis Industries

Ladyflash | Junior Kickstart | Huddle Formation

“The Go! Team earn their exclamation point. Their debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, is a refreshing blast of Day-Glo bubble-dance-pop that could crack a smile on even the most frozen of faces.”

#134: The Microphones — The Glow, Pt. 2
Released September 25, 2001

The Glow Pt. 2 | You’ll Be In The Air | I Felt Your Shape

“The album explores and explodes styles and moods over the course of 20 songs that lead into one another breathlessly, as if even an hour simply isn’t enough time for Phil Elvrum and company to pack in all of their ideas.”

#133: Final Fantasy — Has A Good Home
Released February 12, 2005
Blocks Recording Club

This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine | The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead | Took You Two Years To Win My Heart

#132: Ryan Adams — Heartbreaker
Released September 5, 2000

To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) | My Winding Wheel | Come Pick Me Up

Heartbreaker is loose, open, and heartfelt in a way Whiskeytown’s admittedly fine albums never were, and makes as strong a case for Adams’ gifts as anything his band ever released.”

#131: Animal Collective — Feels
Released October 18, 2005

Did You See The Words | Grass | Loch Raven

“First, this is more of a rock record, especially early on; the frequent cymbal crashes and pounding drums leave little doubt. Second,Feels has less of the aimless meandering of many artists in the freak folk scene.”

#130: Maxwell — BLACKsummers’night
Released july 7, 2009

Pretty Wings | Help Somebody | Playing Possum

“…offering an alternate option to the exaggerated masculinity that was dominating contemporary R&B, he returns as the airwaves are stuffed with raging hormones expressed through Auto-Tune.”

#129: múm — Finally We Are No One
Released May 20, 2002
Fat Cat

Green Grass Of Tunnel | Now There’s That Fear Again | The Land Between Solar Systems

“…has all the majestic synths, crackly drum machine percussion, sampled silence, and crystalline vocals you’d expect from the country that produced Björk and Sigur Rós”

#128: TV On The Radio — Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Released March 9, 2004
Touch And Go

The Wrong Way | Staring At The Sun | Ambulance

“…Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, a deeper, darker, denser version of the band’s already ambitious sound.”

#127: Caribou — Andorra
Released August 17, 2007
City Slang

Melody Day | She’s The One | Niobe

“There’s less of a “programmed” sound, although the productions are dense with tape cut-ups, layered harmonies, and various percussion lines threaded through the mix.”

#126: M. Ward — Transfiguration Of Vincent
Released March 18, 2003

Vincent O’Brien | Involuntary | Dead Man

“…the troubadour manages to capture a timeless folkiness and match it with a surreal and sparkling sense of nostalgia that clearly echoes Tom Waits. “

#125: Tom Waits — Blood Money
Released May 7, 2002

God’s Away On Business | Another Man’s Vine | Lullaby

“Tom Waits has said: “I like a beautiful song that tells you terrible things. We all like bad news out of a pretty mouth.” When it comes to the material on Blood Money, I don’t know if I can call Waits’ mouth pretty, but he certainly offers plenty of bad news in a very attractive, compelling way.”

#124: The Unicorns — Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?
Released October 21, 2003

Tuff Ghost | Inoculate The Innocuous | Ready To Die

“Like their moniker implies, the Unicorns are whimsical, riding in a mythical world of lo-fi experimental pop.”

#123: Gui Boratto — Chromophobia
February 26, 2007

Acróstico | Xilo | Beautiful Life

#122: Ellen Alienn & Apparat — Orchestra Of Bubbles
Released April 17, 2006
BPtch Control

Jet | Do Not Break | Leave Me Alone

“[Sascha] Ring, as Apparat, adds dimensionality, off-kilter beats, and dynamic ambient spaces to offer the technocratic solidity some room to breathe and open out onto different vistas — and his moodier M.O. is heard precisely in those moments where Allien’s bassline is most pronounced.”

#121: The New Pornographers — Electric Version
Released May 6, 2003

The Laws Have Changed | The New Face Of Zero And One | Testament To Youth In Verse

“The effect is hypnotic, like driving on the expressway into a snowstorm at night, how you can feel the underlying propulsion of the car and hear its constant rumble, yet at the same time, a fuzzy sense of comfort can easily overtake you as the snowflakes dance bewitchingly in your headlights.”

#120: Stars — Set Yourself On Fire
Released September 14, 2004
Arts & Crafts

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead | Ageless Beauty | One More Night

“Vocalists Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan enunciate every word with careful precision, and they sing of remembered high-school romances, dead ex-lovers, and drunk current ones in basic but powerfully evocative language.”

#119: Electrik Red — How To Be A Lady: Volume 1
Released May 26, 2009
Radio Killa

So Good | Friend Lover | 9 To 5

“…together they make like an all-conquering crew of maneaters who do precisely what they want without taking themselves too seriously.”

#118: Kanye West — Graduation
Released September 11, 2007

Can’t Tell Me Nothing | Flashing Lights | The Glory

“Kanye still makes up for his shortcomings as an MC and lyricist by remaining charmingly clumsy, frequently dealing nonsense through suspect rhyme schemes…”

#117: Super Furry Animals — Rings Around The World
Released July 23, 2001

It’s Not The End Of The World? | Juxtapozed With U | Fragile Happiness

“…it’ll likely intrigue, even dazzle, with its kaleidoscopic blend of pop, prog, punk, psych, and electronica.”

#116: Out Hud — Let Us Never Speak Of It Again
Released March 21, 2005

It’s For You | 2005 A Face Odyssey | The Stoked American

“The way they present themselves contradicts the tightness of their complex arrangements and the elasticity of their buoyant sound.”

#115: Japandroids — Post-Nothing
Released April 28, 2009

Young Hearts Spark Fire | Wet Hair | I Quit Girls

“For their debut, Japandroids hit the ground running on Post-Nothing, a warm flurry of fuzzy guitar, disjointed crashing drums, and childlike vocals yelled in unison by guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse.”

#114: The White Stripes — Get Behind Me Satan
Released June 7, 2005

Blue Orchid | My Doorbell | The Denial Twist

“…Get Behind Me Satan is a weird, compelling collection that touches on several albums’ worth of sounds…”

#113: Broadcast — Haha Sound
Released August 11 ,2003
Pendulum | Ominous Cloud | Winter Now

“…Haha Sound’s more human touch comes through in its looser, more intimate, and rougher sound.”

#112: Crystal Castles — Crystal Castles
Released March 18, 2008
Last Gang

Alice Practice | Crimewave | Tell Me What To Swallow

“On their self-titled debut, Crystal Castles (aka Ethan Kath and Alice Glass) hurl eight-bit bleeps, bloops, and noise as relentlessly as Space Invaders marching down a screen, turning these sounds into sometimes chaotic, sometimes moody synth pop with a jagged edge. “

#111: LCD Soundsystem — LCD Soundsystem
Released January 24, 2005

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House | Tribulations | Losing My Edge

“ Acid house, post-punk, garage rock, psychedelic pop, and at least a dozen other things factor into his songs, and he’s not afraid to be obvious.”

#110: Of Montreal — Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

Gronlandic Edit | The Past Is A Grotesque Animal | She’s a Rejector

“Where’s the self-assured, polished pop maestro who made such a fine showing on the past two albums? He took one hell of a beating, that’s for sure.”

#109: Lil’ Wayne — Tha Carter II
Released December 6, 2005
Cash Money

Fireman | Hustler Musik | Shooter

“…the Lil Wayne who was not only cocky, but also truly confident, confident enough to loosen up his rhymes and create a winning mixture of slick baller posturing and slippery flippancy.”

#108: Of Montreal — The Sunlandic Twins
Released April 12, 2005

Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games | The Party’s Crashing Us | Everyday Feels Like Sunday

“…continues in his traditional vein of toying and teasing our memories of ’60s pop, fed through whichever other fad or fashion most appeals to him at the time.”

#107: Ghostface Killah — Supreme Clientele
Released February 8, 2000
Nutmeg | Cherchez La Ghost | Wu Banga 101

“Every bit as good as his first release, Supreme Clientele proves Ghost’s worthiness of the Ironman moniker by deftly overcoming trendiness to produce an authentic sound in hip-hop’s age of bland parity.”

#106: Shout Out Louds — Our Ill Wills
Released April 25, 2007

Your Parents’ Living Room | Impossible | Hard Rain

“The songs tell of tragic accidents, lost love, bleak futures, deeply held secrets, unwanted children, and headaches (in Nordic cities and on parents’ couches) in words that slice deep into your heart, especially when sung by Adam Olenius in his choked, sadder-than-Robert Smith voice.”

#105: The Decemberists — Picaresque
Released March 22, 2005
Kill Rock Stars

The Sporting Life | The Engine Driver | Of Angels And Angles

“…its boot-covered feet are more firmly planted in the present, resulting in the group’s most accessible — and decidedly upbeat — product to date.”

#104: TV On The Radio — Return To Cookie Mountain
Released July 6, 2006

I Was A Lover | Province | Wolf Like Me

“As passionate as ever, but with a little more polish, TV on the Radio give their unapologetically ambitious sound room to breathe with a lush, expansive production…”

#103: Electrelane — No Shouts, No Calls
April 30, 2007
Too Pure

The Greater TImes | To The East | Between The Wolf And The Dog

“…might be some of Electrelane’s most accessible work, but it’s far from safe; in fact, its sweet vulnerability is exactly what makes it so special.”

#102: Jimmy Eat World — Bleed American
Released July 18, 2001

The Middle | Sweetness | If You Don’t, Don’t

“…Bleed American features compelling lyrics, driving guitar work, and insanely catchy melodies.”

#101: The Flaming Lips — Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Released July 16, 2002
Warner Bros.

One More Robot/Sympathy 3000–21 | Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 | Do You Realize??

“…a sublime fusion of [The Soft] Bulletin’s newfound emotional directness, the old-school playfulness of Transmissions From the Satellite Heart, and, more importantly, exciting new expressions of the group’s sentimental, experimental sound.”

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