Why I won’t post on medium.com …

Photographer:Yoann Boyer

I’ll be back on track this September. Finally there is time to travel again. And this time I want to document every day of my trip for you. Actually our trip, then this time I won’t be alone or with a friend, this time my girlfriend will join me.

So as our first stop will be Malaysia, I won’t have any access to medium.com. The reason is, that it is censored in Malaysia. According Medium Legal the government of Malaysia wanted medium.com to remove an article from the Sarawak Report about some news of the corruption scandal which is going on in there. They have been successful in censoring the website of the Sarawak Report, but not in censoring it’s article on medium.com. Because as medium is an western company it stands by investigative journalists. Therefore they had to block the whole website.

But that’s no obstacle

So if you want to stay up to date, follow my Facebook page Jaysontherun. I will document my trip with minimum one post a day. Of course there will be pictures as well, but if they are not enough for you I am active on Instagram as well :D

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