Five Books in 2021 Journal, Issue #19

I just ordered my fifth and final book for the year, meaning I’m done! A quick FAQ about the project and what’s next.

Q: How’s it feel?
A: Great!

Q: Where can I learn more and buy copies?
A: That’s a whole other project. These copies are for my own bookshelf. I’ll need to see how they all look in person, find more typos, put up a shopping cart site, etc before I’m ready to sell them officially. Email me at and I can put you on a waiting list if you’d like.

Q: What next?
A: One of the fun things about finishing a giant project is how inspired you get to tackle new projects. I have some ideas, and will be auditioning them soon.

Q: Any parting words?
A: Once a school ran a test. They graded half a pottery class on the quality of the pots they threw, and the other half was graded on sheer weight. A funny thing happened: the students graded on weight also had the highest quality results. They didn’t think too much about any one piece, they just kept going. And the more you practice, the better you get. So they got great.

That’s what happened here. I kept pushing the quality conversation out of my head because I had five whole books to write. And in the end, I didn’t just end up with five books. There’s some really great material in there. I got much better results than than thinking about writing a book one day, if only I can find the time.

The concept of “perfect” holds us back. Start a thing. Do it now. Keep it up. You reach big goals by doing a bunch of small things consistently.

Q: You’re getting pretty preachy, eh?
A: Cut me some slack. I just published FIVE BOOKS IN A YEAR!



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