Trekking on yeoor hills, Thane, Mumbai….

There comes a point in our lives when we suddenly find ourselves on the threshold of a major change. It’s usually not as if we consciously bring ourselves to it but when the time is right or I’d say when we are ready, life forces us to that threshold where on one end there are the old comfortable and familiar patterns of living and on the other end lies the completely unknown territory. A territory that hasn’t been explored by many before and therefore has no maps. One has to walk through it to know and experience it.

I am currently at a similar point in my journey where life has forced me to reinvestigate my old beliefs and my way of living and has brought me to the threshold of a complete transformation in the way I was living up till now. Initially I did feel anxious about the situation and would find myself being overwhelmed by fears around “what is it going to be”? “ Will things work out”? etc. But my deep trust in the goodness of life and a genuine desire to live an authentic life has probably prompted life itself to being me to this point where I stand now — eager and open to embrace wholly life’s immense gifts.

I decided to take a long break from where I was living and travelled back to Mumbai — my hometown, the city where I had grown up. I was always attracted to nature as a kid and spent most of my youth days trekking the many hills in and around Mumbai and Thane. Suddenly there was an intense feeling inside to want to go to the hills again and to relive my childhood even for a few hours.

Dad and I decided to go for a small trek to the beautiful yeoor hills in Thane. The yeoor hills are a beautiful lush green range of hills around thane surrounded by green forests of the Sanjay Gandhi National park on both sides and a paradise for trekkers of all age groups. We started early morning at 6 a.m. and walked upto the foothills which is a 20 minute walk from home and the climb uphill is roughly a 30 minute trek. One of the most easiest treks and yet very beautiful in terms of the beauty of nature. As we started our climb uphill Dad was sharing life stories with me and in the quiet spaces during our chat I would be able to get a feel of the silence around me as I deeply reflected on the questions “ why do we always look for guarantees in life”? “ Is there anything as risk taking at all in life?”

After trekking up about 15 minutes we halted at a beautiful lake like water body in which water had accumulated between the rocks making it a natural habitat for the crocodiles J We did read the caution on the board about crocodiles but didn’t spot any. As we halted there briefly and enjoyed the serenity of nature, I suddenly felt a gush of joy & abundance overpower me. I had tears of joy as I could feel the abundance within myself. Silently fearless yet providing selflessly, mother nature teaches us so much.

As we began to trek upwards we kept waving and meeting fellow trekkers on the way, each one coming for a different reason and yet nature healing them all. As I continued to walk the slightly steep and slippery track, I was feeling strangely more content and connected with myself. I felt so light and free.

The view of the entire city from the top is always spectacular and one of my favourites. As I began to enjoy the city view and continued to trek up the hills, now in deep silence — only one voice echoed in my heart — Live life as it comes. Being genuine is the only thing that matters. Welcome and embrace life fully.

We arrived at the top of the hill and were thrilled to see the beautiful green pastures of grass all around, the grass swayed gently as the breeze caressed it; the vastness of both earth and the clear sky as they kissed each other at the distant horizon. The golden streaks of morning sun falling over our faces while we sat up there enjoying the cool breeze. After spending a good 20 minutes on top we started our way back downhill. Though I didn’t really find specific answers to the questions I had asked myself at the beginning of the trek but it did seem that the questions themselves had dissolved as a deep sense of contentment filled me from within. The message of mother nature that she conveyed to me was clear “Life is not about guarantees and assurances of return. Its about letting your heart take over and guide you through the journey at every step”.Let’s be genuine and live fully. Follow your heart, spend time in nature & with loved ones, pursue your childhood interests and come back alive……