letsbutterfly & A.I. Vision

In our last article we presented our web app (for phase one) to help reduce friction prior to putting a house on the market. The demo showcased how easy it is to update the home’s valuation by simply tapping any item on our app to make any necessary changes on the spot.

Now we are going to look into what recent trends in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning can bring to the real-estate industry… better yet with letsbutterfly. 😉

Features 🛋

To attract the right buyers we need to insure that a home listing contains a list of appropriate features that people look for. Features such as:

  • Outdoor Kitchen,
  • Stainless Steel,
  • Exposed Brick,
  • Beamed Ceiling,
  • Fireplace,
  • Natural Light, etc…

are great to not only attract the right buyers, but also help justify the home’s valuation while elevating it in search and SEO.

The last article demonstrated the app’s ability to add such features easily from a drop down list in the “Features” section as shown below.

Easily add features to the home you are evaluating with letsbutterfly’s built-in feature list

Computer Vision 👁‍🗨

Typically an agent would note down home features during a walkthrough inside and outside the home. While it’s important to be efficient in the process to reduce time at a seller’s home, there are cases one could overlook certain features that are critical to the valuation and marketing aspect of the home.

This is were computer vision can be of help. With powerful Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition algorithms in the market, we sought out ones that really can deliver in:

  1. accuracy,
  2. speed,
  3. reliability (QoS),
  4. and scale (in terms of size and classifications.)

We have decided to work and partner with restb.ai that offers a great plug-n-play API for developers. They already process over 5 million photos a day! 😳👏

restb.ai is the computer vision with an eye for Real Estate.

letsbutterfly + restb.ai

The next step is to couple restb.ai’s amazing features and letsbutterfly’s excellent mobile-only user interface design to create a seamless user experience—that anyone can use.

The Features section now has a “Photo” button for quick feature detection listing. Easy! 👍

When the “Photo” button is tapped a drawer comes up with all recently added photos and all their detected features, respectively. Alongside each entry a toggle can be seen to whether include detected features as part of the home’s profile.

First time users will be greeted with a preview of what the feature can do.

After taking a photo (or uploading a previously taken one) the app will automatically start processing the images in order as seen below.

In few seconds the app will identify features for each photo.

When all said and done, the features presented in the main view is tagged with a camera “📷” icon as seen below.

Features added from a photo are tagged with a camera icon (i.e. “Fireplace”)

We continue to work very closely with restb.ai both in the front end as well as backend services to create a seamless experience for all our users and businesses.

Until next time…

The goal of this article is to start introducing the different technologies that was not presented in any of our previous demo.

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Working with us

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