Welcome to Let’s Get Flexing

My campaign promoting the benefits of flexible working is just about to launch across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Here’s a bit about me and why I think this conversation is so important from both a professional and personal perspective.

My professional background is working with creative agencies to help weave employee professional development initiatives into powerful business strategy. I believe Businesses survive and thrive on the quality of their talent and offering flexible working can be fundamental in attracting and retaining top talent. It elicits trust and improves motivation and productivity. Through ‘Let’s Get Flexing’ I aim to motivate businesses to adopt a change.

Personally, since having my son in 2016, I am striving to achieve a better work-life balance. I want to keep, use and develop the skills I have gained in my career and have quality time with my family. I like to work flexibly because I am parent, but others may seek it for mental health and wellbeing or to pursue other interests and activities. Through ‘Let’s Get Flexing’ I aim to support individuals to find a better work-life balance and empower them to work flexibly.

Join me on my social media journey: