It’s getting complicated — here are 5 things to avoid as we say goodbye summer

Dan Dowman
Oct 5, 2018 · 3 min read

The holidays are over, the kids are off to school and the cold begins to make it’s mark. A new season is often filled with complex challenges. So, we wanted to share a short article, an offer, and a tool. All aimed to help you shake the holiday blues and find your autumn feet…

Complex problem solving: five don’ts

Our lives are full of complex challenges. A complex problem is one where it’s not simply a case of predictable cause-and-effect. In complexity, the different parts of the system effect each other in ways you can’t perfectly model or predict. Not everything complicated or difficult is complex. So launching a spaceship might be very complicated, but raising a child is complex. Building an algorithm is complicated, but building an alliance is complex.

But how do we navigate complex problems? Here are five things not to do.

Digital Course: Special offer

We’re thrilled by the response to beta test our new digital course; Collaboration Foundations. We’ve learnt a lot, caught snags and made refinements across the board.

We’re offering a 50% discount for a limited time. It’s a really affordable way to understand how groups work and increase your collaborative skills. We always want to hear feedback so if you take advantage of this offer, please make a special effort to suggest tweaks and changes. Use code: loop50

Click here to enrol for Collaboration Foundations

Got a problem? Enter the Collaboration Cards

The Collaboration Cards are a tool to help you navigate complex problems by putting 30 essential conversation on the table for any team.

Use them to personally to reflect on what moves you can make, or you use them with your team to have a more productive conversation that gets down to what needs attention in your team.

Now in French, Spanish and Chinese the Collaboration Cards are being used by leaders and teams around the world.

Click here to find out more and find the right conversation.

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