Create lettering in 5 minutes

Even those most simple letterings take several hours to create. But is it inevitable? I think, not and here is why.

Now, let me describe the problems we are facing while creating letterings first. A graphic designer wants to create an awesome lettering for a poster, a website, a book cover, or whatever else. You name it.

There are two options how to approach the lettering creation.
First, The most obvious one — Create hand lettering manually and vectorize it and believe it will fit the composition.
For those who can’t draw there is the second option: Buy a font and try to create a lettering out of it.

Those who have passed at least one of the approaches already guess about what am I complaining. Hands up who have done it once. For me, both ways take hours. The first approach sounds like fun. For a well-skilled hand letterer sketching letterings and drawing them with pens and brushes seems like a letterers wet dream. Even though there is something that every craftsperson is starving for, the time usually kills the most monotonous jobs as vectorization and re-manipulation for composition.

I use to choose the second approach in case I feel like I might find a typeface to reuse. However, it throws me to endless hours of browsing thousands of fonts in the libraries such as, to find something which is close to my idea. My wallet bleeds because I am going to use only a few letters from the whole font. And finally, the funniest part is the modification of letters to the desired lettering. At the end of the day the results — are a weak compromise.

If the stories above doesn’t resonate with you, further reading might be irritating. I am encouraging you to stop here and find another activity for now. What about practising the calligraphy to calm down.

Anyway, as a designer and researcher at Letterinkapp — the software for type drawers. I have also been talking with graphic designers about their process during lettering creation. When we hit the nail on the head, the conversation usually turns to set of complaints about stupid vectorisation, unusable fonts, counterintuitive categorization of font faces and so on. Often it sounds like a magic circle without the solution. Moreover, sometimes I find myself as a therapist.

So how am I going to create that damn lettering in a couple of minutes? Very easily, I am going to use a special software for that.
The tool for lettering creation that handles the problems of booth approaches by intuitive well-plotted vectorization with the option of quick changes and for the second method as a prototyping tool without the necessity to buy a font.

With the tool, we will just type a word or a sentence or any idea. Then we’ll set up basic parameters of lettering characters. And finally, a fine tuning until the result is perfect. Voila import to the artwork and done. Let’s watch the video.

Few seconds to create hand lettering

The bad news is that such tool does exist only in my and your mind yet. The good news is that I am going to turn it into reality. With the technology of Letterinkapp which helps type designers to draw entire typefaces, will the new software open space for creativity and prevent us from buzz killers.

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