Where there’s an end, there’s a beginning.

I’m grateful for all I have — even if it sounds cheesy, it’s the truth — and I’m excited (a.k.a scared) for what will come. What am I talking about?

19th of August is the last official day of OPW— you know, the reason I started blogging. It’s been crazy, fun and different, not what I was expecting. I learnt a lot, even if I didn’t do all I planned to do.

But I’m not disappointed, I have time to catch up. I will continue contributing to Foregit, and it will be better and better. Now we have an MVP, I hope people will get a chance to play with it in October.

During the program we had a lot of IRC meetings about career or previous experiences as interns/engineers. A lot of helpful people who like to share and help others grow. A lovely community!

If you want to apply for GSoC / OPW or you just want to contribute / work on a project, and you think I might be of help, just drop me a line.

One of my mentors from OPW had the idea of interviewing for a position at Red Hat, I wasn’t planning on doing that. My future colleagues liked me and liked them, so I will be joining Red Hat in October, as part of the OpenShift team.

Two years @ uberVU. Two wonderful years after which I can say I have a third family. I did a lot of stupid things, but being surrounded by those smart, funny and cool people I learnt and learnt, until I became a better me.

I don’t believe in quantity, but in quality. A small and sincere “Thank you!” to all the people with whom I crossed paths at uberVU.

In September I will turn 25, an important milestone one might say. I’m starting to think it is.

I’ve been living in Bucharest for 25 years — yes, Rahova is in Bucharest. At its 555th celebration I will put my relationship with Bucharest on “Pause”. I will move to Brno, Czech Republic — a small and beautiful city.

A lot of changes? Yes. I’m excited, optimistic, curious, happy, a bit sad and scared. It’s a normal mixing of feelings, right? Now one might say I’m bipolar.

A few pieces of advice, which were like a guide for me in the last few months:

Don’t be afraid to jump, you may fall on your feet or break a bone. Either way you have experience.
Embrace change, and make the best out of it.
If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.

It took me a while to understand and apply them in real life. But I find them powerful enough — for someone like me. Perhaps you can find something useful among these words.

If you find yourself in Brno or Vienna, let me know ☺. I wish you all I would wish for me. Thank you for the lovely name day wishes!