Letters to Myself
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Letters to Myself

New Year, More Dedicated Me

Letter from December 2021

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Dear Self,

So you’ve decided to choose
dedication as your word of the
year- it’s time to recognize what
that dedication is for. How will
this word change your life?

You have big dreams- to pay
off the car and own it outright.
To be more consistent with your
creative work- writing, bookstagram,
journal pages, and learning photography.
Your purpose is to create.
To be more mindful of time- with husband
and those you love.

You accomplished a lot in 2021, even
through mental and physical health
struggles. You got the credit card debt
monkey off your back, proving you can
do big things. You’ve made more money
writing- although I’d like to see more this
year- it’s time to get serious and focus.

Self-doubt may always be a struggle-
but I hope that you remember how strong,
focused, and creative you are.
Fear does not have a directive voice in this
journey unless you allow it to.
As Elizabeth Gilbert states,
write what causes a revolution in your heart.
Hold out for that revolution, don’t settle
for less when you are capable of more.

Remember to celebrate the small joys:

  • road trips with family
  • morning coffee while watching the sunrise
  • the clarity that comes through meditation
  • glistening snow in the park down the street
  • the thrill of paying off debt and keeping it off.

I love you and I believe in you,




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