Activism, 21st century-style

Critical notes #07

The world is going to hell.

Do not despair, though: our most brilliant minds have invented drones that will bring the Internet to the entire planet.

That way, it will not matter where I am dying of hunger or thirst, where I am suffering the floods or droughts that we already have, where I am facing war and disaster, where I am enduring the hardships of being a refugee, where my crops and animals are dying, or where I am a slave-worker: I will always be able to update my status on social networks.

And I will be able to receive a lot of solidarity in the form of “likes”, and even some nice animated gif, or a sweet emoticon. And, that’s for sure, many will re-tweet my status. And a few others will put my picture on their wall, with a message saying “Like if you think he is brave”, or “Je suis [my name]”. And when I get over two million visits, I’ll be in the news (now the news cover those “news”), and maybe someone will create a page, and even organize a crowdfunding (money that will never reach my hands, but that will help to oil the “solidarity industry”…).

And there I will be, hyper-connected, receiving all that lovely solidarity in the form of tweets, likes, and visits. Trusting that some invisible deity will take them into account and save me from the fate that awaits me. One that, if we keep walking the path we are walking, awaits us all.

[All this also applies to the world of libraries; especially to those librarians who think that by “liking” a Facebook page they already become “activists”].



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