6. The Best Way A Writer Can Start Their Day

It’s a fact.

The morning time is for builders, drivers, and writers … and birds, and other early morning animals, like house cats.

The majority of writers do their best synthesis in the early hours before the rest of the world wakes up. We like to get the job done before everyone else even starts their day.

For me it’s a 5:30–6am wake up … sharp … ish.

Waking up this early goes against every fibre in my being. I was born to sleep until noon. Which means I need to hack my bio levels. (Biohacking is a trendy term for drugging)

I do that with a lovely morning cup of coffee. Not just any coffee though. Oh no.

Dave Asprey of Bulletproof has just released his book about all of this stuff.

He put forward the idea of bulletproof coffee. It’s basically high quality coffee with non-salted butter, and coconut oil blended in to it. The resultant mix is a morning cocktail so powerful I think it may be considered a class C drug in some countries. It’s tasty too.

I’m renaming it Shotgun Coffee, because that’s how you feel when you drink it. You feel like a loaded pump action shotgun, ready to fire out your daily word count. Just make sure you have plenty of toilet paper in, because it also makes you feel like a loaded shotgun in other ways too.