6 Benefits of Playing a Sport You Can Apply Anywhere in Life

Photo by football wife from Pexels

Playing a sport can change your life.

You don’t have to be a “star” to enjoy the benefits of playing a sport.

Learn how to “play well with others.”

Teams are made up of people from different places, backgrounds, and skin colors.

Some kids’ parents make a lot of money — some struggle to have a roof over their heads and food on the table. Some kids don’t have parents who care.

Everyone has to learn to play together on a sports team — to work together. You spend a lot of time together, and to reach your goals, you have to do it together — regardless of your differences.

Learn how to embrace coaching.

If you want to make it on a sports team, you have to accept something pretty quickly — you don’t know nearly as much as you think you do. And you aren’t as good as you think you are.

The coaches help every person improve — on and off the field. Players must be humble enough to accept direction from their coaches.

Players must be willing to accept that they can still improve and get better. It’s a willingness to admit to and learn from our mistakes that helps us grow stronger.

Learn how to accept responsibility.

Every person on a team has a job to do. If one person fails to do their job, the whole team suffers.

Playing on a team teaches you to accept personal responsibility for your actions and role. Each job matters — each job is essential.

Playing on a team is also about accepting responsibility when you make a mistake. Instead of blaming someone else — own up to your failure, and do better.

Learn how to pick up your teammate.

Every player gets beat down and discouraged sometimes. Sometimes the game doesn’t go your way, and one person is receiving most of the blame for the loss.

Teammates pick each other up when they’re down. Teammates let each other know that they have their back.

A good teammate doesn’t celebrate while someone else on the team is down — they go pick him up.

Learn how to connect results to practice.

We’ve all heard the phrase “overnight success.” Everybody who has ever played any sport knows there’s no such thing as “an overnight success.”

Good results come from hours upon hours of hard work practicing. Success comes from “blood, sweat, and tears.”

Those who have played a sport don’t become discouraged when they don’t see results immediately — they weren’t expecting it anyway. They live for the grind because they know where hard work can take them.

Learn how to win and lose.

Playing sports teaches you the highs and lows of winning and losing.

If you win, celebrate, and then get back to work because another game is coming.

If you lose, dust yourself off and then get back to work because a new opportunity is on the horizon.

Playing sports can change your life — it’s changed mine. The lessons I learned have helped me each day of my life, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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