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Brawlin’ in the Backyard: West Virginia vs Pitt Week 1

The “Backyard Brawl”

Pitt Panthers

The Panthers’ Offense

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The Panthers’ Defense

  • #6 in FBS in rushing defense @ 89 yards/game.
  • #3 in sacks (54) in FBS, average of 3/game.
  • #3 in tackles for loss (113), average of 8/game.
  • Tied for 8th in INTs with 16.
  • 14th in the FBS in Opp. 3rd Down Conversion % at 33.5%.

West Virginia Mountaineers

The Mountaineers’ Offense

  • #86 in total offense (371 yards/game).
  • #55 in passing offense (247 yards/game).
  • #103 in rushing offense (123 yards/game).
  • #88 in scoring offense (25 points/game).
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The Mountaineers’ Defense

Notable ‘Brawls’

2011: WVA 21 — Pitt 20

2007: Pitt 13 — WVA 9

Final Thoughts



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