The Greed of the MLB Lockout

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Work Stoppage

Don’t owners and players make enough already? It’s been a long winter for baseball fans. The MLB Lockout has been the biggest and main story of the baseball offseason. I’m a huge baseball fan and this isn’t the first time the season has been delayed or potentially canceled because of some sort of work stoppage. This is the first time that a work stoppage will potentially affect a season since the 1994–1995 player’s strike.

Deprived Once Already

If you recall, the 1994 season was the first year that baseball didn’t have a World Series since 1904 when the New York Giants refused to play the Boston Americans in that year’s Fall Classic. This was super disappointing to me because my favorite baseball team had just won back-to-back championships, their first two in franchise history. I was excited to see a potential third Toronto Blue Jays win and a mini-dynasty in the works. They were the first and only team outside of the United States to win a championship in Major League Baseball.

The Owners’ Greed

This time it’s the owners who locked the players out. The Collective Bargaining Agreement had run out and the MLBPA has been insulted by the offers the owners have brought to the bargaining table. Players already make millions and millions. Owners are making billions in revenue from the game. These rich people should come to some sort of agreement that both sides can feel good with so that fans don’t get robbed of that spring and summer experience of watching a baseball game. Baseball is supposed to be America’s pastime.

Feeding the Greed Machine

The MLB, like every other league these days, has become a revenue machine and doesn’t seem to care about the fan. Baseball is still the most affordable and accessible major league in the country that allows the most fans to attend but ticket prices are rising. We, as fans, are feeding into the greed of these rich people arguing over percentage points and minor details depriving us of the game we all love.

We Don’t Care About these Negotiations

I’m certainly not against unions and fully support the idea of a head of a union advocating for better conditions for players. The only thing I’m finding myself fighting with here is that this would be so much easier if these people didn’t have so much money to play with. Maybe they’ll get their wish. As they continue to drag their feet, the lost revenue for this increasingly likely lost season will shrivel their pocketbooks down to the point that all of this nagging and “bargaining” will be for naught this season.

Just Get It Done

These players’ union heads and head executives and owners should just swallow their pride and do whatever it takes to get this season started on time. Whether that is a compromise from the owners or a compromise from the players, who cares? We don’t want to know the why or what’s going on behind the scenes. Just make it to where we baseball fans can watch some gosh darn baseball again.



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