Compassion, Kindness, and Happiness — an Interview with Simran Moryani

Sai Sethu
Sai Sethu
May 10 · 3 min read

Hailing from Nagpur, the Tiger Capital of India, Simran wishes to bring peace with two powerful weapons at her possession, her compassion for children and her idea of love.

Q1. How would you best describe yourself?
My name is Simran Moryani. I hail from Nagpur, India. I was an exchange student in Brazil for a year. I really enjoy making children happy, because I believe a child’s heart can only be won by love. So, I believe it’s important for love to be an element in the air we breathe.

Q2. When did you first become aware of the Syrian situation?
I remember Syria becoming a war ground in 2011. My father, a lawyer always talked about the condemnable events taking place in Syria while we used to have our morning coffee together.

Q3. Could you tell us about your first rendezvous with Letters of Love?
Letters of love is an organization I truly adore. I stumbled upon LoL in 2017, but I didn’t know how to contact the team. A year later my desire to volunteer grew stronger, so I texted on Instagram Chat and the rest is history. I was overjoyed when I got a reply from Sharon.

Q4. Under the aegis of Letters of Love, what is the kind of work you have undertaken until now?
I have scribed about 2000 Letters of Love and distributed them to my college students. I also had a Letters of Love stall during a book fare in my college. During the fare, we had a lot of props which I created. Props that displayed emojis, hugs, kissed and so on. Acknowledging our stall, a principal from another school invited us to her premises to spread love through letters.

Q5. What specifically prompted you to take action?
My love for children motivated me to take steps that will help the unfortunate. Children are so dear to my heart! When I witness so much destruction, it pains me that innocent children suffer the most.

Q6. Why do you think it’s important for persons of all ages living in peaceful and privileged societies to be aware of the crisis in Syria and other conflict areas?
The least we could do is provide the people in pain with moral support and kind words. If one can’t offer monetary support, it’s vital they provide the support they can.

Q7. If you had to give a message to the leaders of the world, what would it be?
The leaders must help the refugees by reaching out to them with plausible solutions and services. Leaders must take steps for curbing war and find amicable solutions that will bring peace. The poor are the most affected and it’s the responsibility of the ones in power to put an end to the war.

Q8. What would be your message of love to fellow citizens of the world?
I request the citizens of India to stop differentiating between boys and girls. I request the citizens of the world to help the ones in need by acting upon it and not just sympathizing. Because one action has the power to change the world.

Letters of Love

An international humanitarian non-profit organisation that makes a difference to global refugee crises through empathy, education & empowerment.

Sai Sethu

Written by

Sai Sethu

Here are some letters with love.

Letters of Love

An international humanitarian non-profit organisation that makes a difference to global refugee crises through empathy, education & empowerment.

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