The Ninth Letter: Remember Your First Form

“Dear Mia, I am so glad that you often have the courage to call yourself a writer, an entrepreneur, a woman, an artist … all these words that require a great deal of courage to live up to.

But what I never want you to forget is your first form. You are first and foremost a curious child, and everything else flows from that.

On the days that you beat yourself up over not being able to complete a submission on time, not earning enough money, not meeting your fitness goals…. especially on those days I want you to remember that you are a child… your only prime responsibility is to be awake and alive, and stay true to your deepest needs.

That Mia is enough for everything else to make sense. Don’t carry this burden of being a writer and a business-woman, and all that jazz because it is just that — Jazz…a shiny bunch of words grown-ups make up to make themselves feel significant.

I know you’ve been a little down lately so the one thing I want to say to you today is:

“Don’t take anything in life so seriously that it ruins your joy in living that life.”

You are a wonderful brilliant spark of non-conformity, a bundle of questions, a seeker of joy, an oddball really ! So just put down the weight of all those heavy titles, and just be unapologetically you.”

  • Koni.

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