The Second Letter : Of Mornings and Dark Chocolate

Dear Mia, I want you to remember this: this hammering inside of your head, this dull ache behind your forehead, this tapping of fingers on the keyboard that is the most welcome sound in the morning of an author’s otherwise bleak day.

I am so amazingly proud of you for waking up early, for waking up early in order to write. You’ve come such a long way from the lazy slob you were yesterday.

Also, I want you to take note of this miraculous event that Dark chocolate works better than coffee for these scary, grim mornings when you’re unsure what you’re doing up so early, when there is more than one good reason for you to slip back into bed and rest for a couple more hours.

I am glad you bargained your way out of one temptation by using another, a stronger, more forceful one.

I am happy to share with you this wondrous observation that you love dark chocolate more than you love sleeping, now isn’t that something. Thus, on the list of ‘things you love more than sleeping when you’re actually really sleep deprived’ , this is the only item we have so far. This my dear is an accomplishment.

I know you as someone who wakes up for no man or no force on Earth, who I’ve seen miss exams and important work (days that most people wouldn’t dare to skip in order to sleep) with equal nonchalance.

But today I’m left wondering — who even are you? *Proud tears of joy*
*Happy writing Mia*
  • Koni.

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