The Seventh Letter: Are You Here ?

“Oh Mia, Why are you never here when I need you to be here ? Why do you keep showing up at places you’re not supposed to be. The last time you showed up at that lame family dinner, and now all my cousins think I am a freak. I could have easily passed for a normal TV-watching, festival-loving twenty-something but no you don’t like things bland do you !!! You couldn’t let that happen so what did you do ?

Made me write poetry in the middle of a family gathering !!! At least if it hadn’t been erotica I could’ve showed it to them and they’d believe me but no you made me lie, I had to tell them “It was an urgent article to be written and sent out for work purposes”, while I was on vacation — Wow. My parents really had trust issues with me after that — the general stealthiness and sneaking off to scribble behind closed room doors, had everyone wondering out loud what was wrong with me. “I am a writer. This is how we are.” is apparently not a sufficient explanation for these mind-boggling antics.

Now everybody thinks I’m either doing drugs or having an affair with a much older man. Thanks Mia, just thanks !!!

My ex-boss thought I was bitching about him in my journal, all thanks to you showing up unannounced during work-hours.

You’re so stubborn, so audaciously bent on having your way that you wreck my life. When I am about to go into a meeting, you are suddenly a flurry of activity and you make me hate myself so much.

You hijack my body and force me to write down that story, that poem, that very instant — it is not fair Mia. At least give me a warning, some kind of prior notice. At least learn to wait, 5 minutes, half a second !!!

No, I know better now than to turn you away. The last time I tried that you punished me and didn’t show up for a whole year. I don’t wish to give into your blackmail, but you very well know that between the two of us, you hold all the power.

Why are you never where I want you to be. Today I had set aside the entire afternoon to just be with you and sit and write. But you are such a bitch and you didn’t even say sorry for turning up as I was about to step out to buy groceries. You know Mia groceries are important- I need apples, and antacid pills and a whole sachet of Instant Coffee. Now I’ll be all yours till midnight and I’ll have to wake up to a house that doesn’t reek of caffeine ! Sometimes I don’t even know if you like me, to be honest. Maybe you think I keep getting in your way all the time. Sigh.

Fine no more complaining, I am going to have to learn to live around you. Call all the shots if you will, but is it too much to ask of you to make a schedule !

Hellooooooooooo ??? Are you here now Mia ?”

  • Koni.

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