The Sixth Letter: Life unfolds in Reverse

“Dear Mia, Sometimes I wonder why everything happens to you in reverse ? Things that for most normal people go one way, seem to go in a completely different direction for you.

The early years are a time of joy and freedom, yet you spent them cowering…. hiding inside your room from people and the things they wanted to make of you.

You learnt of all the wrong when you were a mere child, I’d be tempted to say it would seem like you never had a real childhood but I know that’s not true. You had your innocent fun, but with an adult insight and so often it all seemed wrong and hopeless, and a big waste of time- “fun”. You chose to read books, wrote in your tear-stained journal and talked to birds and fuzzy caterpillars…always waiting for your butterfly moment, waiting to break free.

When most young people are getting ready to leave college and become financially independent, you stopped wanting to “study” and became a work from home writer instead. What a joke you became Mia.

But I never stopped believing in you, and now when your peers are having their worrisome days of showing up to places that look like magnified tin-cubes, you are regressing back to that happy-land of wild abandon, and freedom… and living the way that you always wanted — working from home is so in right now thankfully.

What a joke life is Mia…. now they call you for advice wanting to know why you’re happy and why you’re functioning, and how come you’re carrying on with a purpose. What is my life’s purpose they ask of you, and you laugh and you laugh… and you cry.

Everything about you that screamed wrong to the world, is all of a sudden alright.”

- Koni.

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