My Drool Trumps your Android Any Day!

Last night was a rather long night my love. Despite the literature claiming that a baby’s desire to sleep will eventually overcome their contrasting desire to eat, your primitive needs won the galactic battle.

2am and I’m soaring through the Swiss Alps in a shiny black BMW R12 when my subconscious goes on red alert, and without having a clue how you got into my arms, you’re suddenly attached to my chest. I stare at you and smile, but after a few minutes, the “routine” and “habit” part of my brain kicks in and I’m suddenly looking at picture of a skunk and deer curled in a ball on Reddit.

Five, ten, fifteen minutes pass before I’m aware that you’re looking up at me behind my ever diminishing breast, as if to say, “Seriously, you’d rather watch GIFs of guy diving off a waterfall in a shark costume than pay attention to me?” Your eyes grow to the size of saucers and my heart crushes. Guilt and anger encompass me as I realize that my phone is equivalent to your pacifier. It’s my place to go to when I’m bored, uninspired, wanting stimulus, or quite often, simply on automatic pilot. Granted, your ability to interact in this relationship is limited at best, but you are contributing, and I’m not paying attention.

Life Lesson

Sweetie we are all prone to check out of life. It’s natural for us to want to escape to a far away place filled with dancing unicorns and double magnums of 1959 Lafite Rothschild, but this isn’t reality. Reality is what’s in front of you at that very moment.

Curled on your side in a tiny fat filled ball, your cheeks are squished between my left breast and my hand. I feel the cool air swish past my half clad body from the slight crack in the window, and I draw you near, wrapping you even tighter in your makeshift swaddle created from an old indian sari. Making air filled slurping sounds, milk slowly fills your belly in brief intervals. Your hands clench and release to an internal beat, and with furrowed brows, deep in concentration, you occasionally look up at me with that smile so wide that my heart skips a beat. Okay, so milk flies across the room during that winning grin, but damn, you are cute.

When I do come back to the moment, back to what’s truly important in life, the individual sitting directly across from me — the smells, textures and sights around me — I feel like I’ve been reconnected to planet Earth.

We all need to check out Mica, but it can be a harsh addiction that can quickly wash away moments, and often years, from our life.

They say that love is created by spending time with one another. I would like to amend that and say that love is created when we spend quality time with one another, where true conversation, an open heart and attentiveness take center stage.

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