Dear Meethi Ma

Dear Meethi Ma
Tomorrow onwards I am supposed to get back to “normal” life. The only trouble is I don’t know what normal means anymore. For me normal meant waking up to your good morning message. Your message indicated to me that you are ok! Then normal was speaking with you on my way to work. We had our secret conversations with me alone in my car and you alone in yours. And on days I missed calling you, you called me and said, “aaj phone hi nahin kiya. Sab theek?” I would tell you I was super busy at work. How I would give up everything I was doing to talk to you just once more. Normal has changed ma. Life will never be normal again.
Day before yesterday we saw some old photographs at Shashi bua’s place. There were pictures of me in your sarees and chunis trying to be all grown up. I think I was trying to be you. Stupid me! I did not realise that no one in this world can be you. But I must tell you something ma. I have really grown up in the last one week that you have not been around. Much more than anything else. I now know how much rice to make for 10 people. Sarita came home with her baby for the first time and I did not let her go without the Sagan. Growing up is hard ma. It is harder without you around.
I miss you, much more with every day!