Dear Meethi Ma

Dear Meethi Ma

Dad and I jumped everytime a huge wave hit us, laughing and giggling, and celebrating our feat of not being swept to the shore. The water was deep, my feet barely touching the ocean base. I was cycling hard to keep up. Enjoying the sun on my face and the cold water on my body. Dad was hesitant to let me go far and would call out to me to come back everytime I started drifting away from him. I would see a massive wave coming our way and warn dad and we braced ourselves. This time we had befriended the ocean unlike the last several times in Goa and Trivandrum. We had learnt to “go with the flow” and not against it! And as we laughed our way deeper into the ocean, I turned to look at the coast. I saw you there just like old holiday times. I saw you sitting on the sand, the waves brushing against your feet. All the noise and the slight nervousness coming from going deeper into the ocean, vanished. I could see you waving at us. You were not worried like everytime when we left you and went into the ocean. Instead you were calm, as if enjoying the sunset or perhaps enjoying our holiday with us. If I could I would have flown to you to grab you and never let go. If I could I would have asked dad to turn to see you smile. If I could I would have signalled to picky didi to hug you tight. But I was so lost in the moment. And these moments just like sand were swept from under my feet!
I miss you Ma! Nothing is “complete” without you!

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