Dear Meethi Ma

When you were working in Sundernagar, I missed you terribly. Often I would collect all the gifts you gave me, your saris and dupattas, your jewellery and our pictures and sit outside your room. Meena Bua and Picky didi would laugh at me and my drama. Thinking back, even I laughed at myself. Years later, I find myself doing the same. I wore your kurta today. It still smells of you. I carry your cell phone through my travels. And every now and then, I find myself holding it tight in my hand for that comfort and warmth. Dad perhaps is doing the same. He wants to carry every piece of furniture that you both created together irrespective of space available or utility. And with papa and bua teaming up, you can imagine my life!

Today is a big big day. As a kid I often heard you talk about “our home” to dad. “Our home” is finally a reality Ma and we are going to live it, beginning today. I know papa is finding it hardest to let go. He would have hardly slept last night wanting to take in every bit of you in the room which you shared with him for the past so many years. He would have hugged the pillow a little tighter and shed a few extra tears on “your side” of the bed. But I also know this is a beginning, I know that you are with us as we pick our bags today and set off to create that dream home!

Today I do not feel like saying miss you because I feel your presence amongst us!