The Sun Never Shines, on Fort Meade

Fort Meade is a dreary place. Well, at least the weather has been dreary.

It rained a lot the first night we got here. Hasn’t rained as hard since, but it has rained consistently. I haven’t seen the sun since I left Utah.

But it sure makes everything green! There are grasses, plants, weeds, and trees growing everywhere! We had to pull some of those weeds from cracks in a parking lot. The Army likes to make Soldiers do work like that sometimes.

And we have to clean the buildings. So that other day I mixed up soapy mope water, and when I was done I dumped it outside on the sidewalk. It made a lot of bubbles. Then the rain drops splashed on the soapy water and made it bubble up more! Then, I took the broom to try to sweep the water away, and it bubbled more!

I thought the bubbles would never go away. So I just left. But it’s a really clean sidewalk!

And those weeds in teh parking lot are already growing back fast.

I bet you two are growing like weeds. You’ll probably look a lot bigger when I see you again at the end of teh month. Just stay out of the rain!

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