Waiting and Loving

“You brother loves you,” I tell Joseph yesterday.

“Except when we fight.”

Well, yes, there’s that. True enough.

But they ususally don’t fight, and I was really impressed and moved to see just how much Gabriel didn’t want to fight today. Fridays are sometimes tough for the little guy, because, as a pre-K’er, he doesn’t get to go to school. Normally he gets to hang out with his mom. She’s out of town (at Udeme’s wedding). Dad isn’t nearly as fun. Working on the house, of course — this time installing exterior lights on the garage and painting the front portico.

At any rate, noon rolls around and Gabriel is bored out of his mind.

“When is Joseph coming home?”

“Soon,” I say, only trying to get Gabe off his back.

He doesn’t realize that Gabriel will, on the basis of that information, wait in front until his older brother appears.

I check on him after a while. It’s only 12:30. It’ll be a while longer than “soon” if I’m being honest. I come clean. But Gabriel doesn’t let the time get to him. He’s content to wait. It’s not just Joseph. He wants to play with Marcus Palfreyman, too.

But something deep down tells me that it’s mostly Joseph. Gabe, after all, knows whence Joseph will arrive. He finds a comfy space on the cold concrete and waits. He has his satchel, the one we bought for a dime at the dollar store section of NPS. It was a kids meal sack from Subway, and Gabe has learned to wear it across his torso. He’s all set out there.

That brotherly love compelled Gabe to wait on that sidewalk, cheerfully, for his older brother to come home.

You two make a great team.

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