Letters to my Boys
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Letters to my Boys

Your Smiles Keep Me Going

Joseph, Gabriel, and Naomi:

One day you’ll know the power of a smile.

You kind of get it now. You smile when you are happy. You smile at something funny.

You know what makes me smile?

Your smiles.

Like when Naomi was hiding outside of grandma and grandpa’s front door to scare Papa. Her smile was the best.

Or when Gabriel finishes off a piece of chocolate and tries to pretend we don’t notice.

Or when Joseph was putting the phone in the fridge so that I could startle mom on a video call. I can only imagine his smile when he told mom to go check the fridge.

Your smile has a lot of power. Use it. Smile at someone every day. It will make them happy just like it does for me.

I can’t wait to see them in person again.



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