How to Find a Mentor

And why having a role model is just as important

Mentors are important. But so are role models. Role models are not talked about as much as mentors, but the reality is that role models can make a bigger impact.

I was able to work under women that I respected and others that I did not. It helped me become the person I wanted to be — not only in my career, but in my life. They were all role models, some good and some bad.

As for your peer, it might be someone in the same industry as you. You start to build a new friendship or have lunch or coffee during the week. That relationship is built around career talk.

Sometimes that person reveals themselves to you over time, and then all of a sudden you realize that they are your mentor. It makes them feel as great about giving advice as you feel about getting it.

She could become your mentor without you realizing it. That is how it should happen — organically. If she said she is super busy right now, that is OK. Then she is not your person.



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