You Can Control Your Own Mood


As I write this, you’re cutting teeth as an almost-seven-month-old. For you, that meant a quick touch of a fever (now gone, thank goodness) and some long days and nights for you as those big ol chiclets painfully break through your gums.

Up until this point, you were pretty easy at night. You slept through the night basically from the get-go. Early on, it was because your heart was working at four times the rate of a regular baby heart, and you needed all the rest you can get. But, your sleeping habits, for the most part, carried over after your surgery and you were still sleeping well.

Until now.Oh boy.

So, we’ve been getting up multiple times each night for the last week or two. Other parents are going to laugh at us because we are just talking about a couple of weeks of sleepless nights with you. For others, and you will figure this out when you become a mother I bet, the sleepless nights might last months and maybe even years.

But, what has happened, is that your mother and I are finally starting to have to learn how to function on very little sleep for multiple days at a time. The frustration that can set in whatever the alarm clock goes off for work in the morning can be palpable…


And herein lies the lesson. Whether it be problems with your friends, classmates, school, teachers, sports teams, or later on in life, sleepless nights with an infant child, You can control your attitude.

You can control your mood… 24/7.

I hope that when you read this you realize that no matter how much stress gets thrown your way, you have the ability to let it bounce right off of you.

By the way, sleepless nights with you isn’t that big of a deal. After all you’ve been through with your heart, you owe us a couple nights like this (only a couple 😉).

My point is you just made me think about the frustrations that may come your way in the future. Don’t let them bug you. It’s easier said than done, I know. But God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.

Just remember: life is going to suck sometimes. But it will only suck as much as you let it.

Love Always,


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