Letter to Rodney Davis regarding WDWS interview, February 2017

Submitted electronically February 6, 2017.

Dear Rep. Davis,

We listened with interest to your interview with WDWS on Friday. Throughout the conversation, you insisted on politicizing people’s attempts to meet and share their views with you. To claim that “the Democrats” are somehow behind these attempts, to say “that’s what the opposition does,” is incorrect. Worse, it’s the dodge of a man who’s spent his career as a political operative.

Donald Trump, his staff, and his policies present a unique threat to our nation. We believe you are ignoring this threat. That is the sum total of our connection. Some of us are democrats; some of us aren’t. Most of us have never even met. We are not “the opposition.” We are not a joke, as you described in your interview.

We can handle disagreements with our Congressman. We can respect differences of opinion. We can even do it without the “screaming” that you imagine. We are citizens, not the enemy, and we are well within our rights to expect you to listen to and weigh our concerns. Questions and conversation are Citizenship 101. It’s strange and troublesome for you to so aggressively suggest otherwise.

You consider townhalls “grandstanding.” That’s debatable but immaterial. A tele-townhall is promised but unscheduled. Requests to talk to staffers — on immigration, on President Trump’s authoritarian tendencies, on the Affordable Care Act — are ignored. In-person visits go nowhere. We are left to write letters and leave messages.

You respond by calling these actions a “joke,” by staging a fly-in press conference that is closed to the public, by giving a two-minute floor speech, or by delivering a dismissive tweet. That’s unproductive and unnecessary. It breeds mistrust, distance, and tension.

We call on you to bridge that gap rather than fan those flames. Begin engaging with your constituents in a meaningful way.

Despite your claim, we’re not interested in the next election. It’s almost two years away. Save your claims that we’re out to get you and your talk of “the opposition” for then. All we want is a representative who listens to our questions and concerns.

These are difficult times. Our questions will indeed be difficult. Answering them is your job.

Christine E. Allen, Urbana
Mark Allender, Champaign
John Alsop, Champaign
Anne Anderson, Champaign
Denny Anderson, Champaign
Susan Anderson, Champaign
Will Arnold, Champaign
Nate Atkinson, Champaign
Debby Auble, Champaign
Crystal Aymer, Bloomington
Colleen Aziz, Urbana
Patricia Babich-Smith, Urbana
Cathy Baird, Champaign
Trish Barker, Champaign
Ellen Beattie, Champaign
Eric Beckley, Urbana
Bill Bell, Champaign
Georgiean Benson, Monticello
Alice Berkson, Champaign
Katie Blahnik, Springfield
Philipp Blume, Champaign
Dan Bodony, Urbana
Deborah Bodony, Urbana
John Braden, Champaign
Linda Braden, Champaign
Colleen Braun, Champaign 
Philip Brewer, Savoy
Amy Madigan Brown, Springfield
Elaine Brown, Savoy
Michele Brown, Champaign
Kerri Calvert, Normal
Christine Cahill, Savoy
Cindy Cantwell
Patricia Cardenas
Rachel Chartoff, Champaign
Ben Chase, Urbana
Hsiao-Ching Chen, Champaign
Debbie Chew, Champaign
Andrew Christensen, Champaign
Anne Clements, Urbana
Roberta Codemo, Springfield
Alison Colgrove, Urbana
Derick Cordoba, Urbana
Tanya Cordoba, Urbana
Dorian Cosmedy, Urbana
Chris Cribbs, Monticello
Stacy Cribbs, Monticello
Elizabeth Curl, Springfield
Mandy Curl, Springfield
Rey Dalitto, Urbana
Colleen Deal, Champaign
Karen Decker, Urbana
Kate Denmead, Champaign
Tyler Denmead, Champaign
Kirsten Dennison, Champaign
Dick Detzner, Urbana
Glen Dimock, Savoy
Rachel Dimock, Savoy
Kristina Dion, Springfield
James Divilbiss, Champaign
Mary Jo Divilbiss, Champaign
Donna Dixon, Alton (Godfrey Township)
John Drueke, Edwardsville
Diana Dudzienski, Champaign
Peter Ellertsen, Springfield
Addison Ellis, Urbana
Jan Erkert, Champaign
Kate Falk, Urbana
Jodi Fan, Mahomet
Stephen Fiol, Champaign
Hannah Fiske, Urbana
Suzanne Fitzgerald, Bloomington
Ryan Flanagan, Urbana
Sheree Flannigan, Monticello
Devin Fredrickson, Urbana
Mark Fredrickson, Urbana
Alain D. Fresco, Urbana
Karen Fresco, Urbana
Melissa Frydman, Champaign
Katherine Galvin, Champaign
Don Gerard, Champaign
Garth Gersten, Champaign
Myra Gillespie, Champaign
John Girotti, Champaign
Marcey Goldstein, Urbana
Susan Gonzo, Champaign
Robin Goettel, Urbana
Jody Groff, Champaign
Marie Hackett, Edwardsville
Elizabeth Hanauer, Champaign
Laura Koertge Hahn, Champaign
Alan Hansen
Jan Hansen
Kathy Harden, Champaign
Ann Hart, Mahomet
Amy Hassinger, Urbana
Sharon Haworth, Urbana
Mary Lucille Hays, White Heath
Amy Heggemeyer, Champaign
Patricia Ann Helm, Champaign
Beverly Hertle, Urbana
Pamela Hill, Urbana
Darla Hoffmann, Edwardsville
Sara Hook, Champaign
Janet Huber, Urbana
Kathy Hughes, Champaign
Jeannette Hulick, Tolono
Laura Jacob, Champaign
Cari James, Urbana
Scott Johnson, Champaign
Brenda Jones, Alton
Lois Kain, Urbana
Karen B. Kane, Champaign
Melody Kane, Champaign
Paula Kaufman, Champaign
Lisa Kelly, Urbana
Katie Kenney, Blue Ridge Township
Todd Kinney, Urbana
Susan Klefstad, Monticello
Katherine Kline, Decatur
Lynn Kolisetty, Champaign
Eileen Kohen, Urbana
Jessica D. Kopolow, Champaign
Betsy Kruger, Champaign
Megan Kuhlenschmidt, Champaign
Ming Kuo, Urbana
Susan Laesch, Champaign
Michael Langendorf, Urbana
Cloydia Hill Larimore, Urbana
Kathy Kew Lee, Urbana
Ben Leff, Urbana
Lilyan J. Levant, Urbana
Carrie Levin, Springfield
Melissa Libert, Bloomington
Yu-Feng Lin, Champaign
Suzanne Linder, Champaign
Samantha Lindgren, Champaign
Carol Livingstone, Urbana
Kerrith Livengood, Champaign
Avital Livny, Urbana 
Anne Lukeman, Champaign
Rachel Lutz, Champaign
Laura Lyon, Urbana
Tara Lyons, Bloomington
Matthew Macomber, Champaign
Christine Main, Champaign
David Main, Champaign
Heather Mangian, Savoy
Kaye Massanari, Champaign
Jack Maples, Urbana
Gwenn Marie, Normal
Numa Markee, Champaign
Mike Marlow, Champaign
Pat Marlow, Champaign
Jill Martin, Edwardsville
Jeremy Martin, Edwardsville
Gary Mason, Urbana
Leslie Mason, Urbana
Wendy Mathewson, Urbana
Gayle Matteson, Hillsboro
Cara Maurizi, Urbana
Anna-Maria Marshall, Urbana
Shawna Martell, Champaign
Julia Maxwell, Springfield
Vida Mazzocco, Champaign
Tara McClellan McAndrew, Springfield
Rebecca McBride, Seymour
Meaghan McGinnis, Champaign
Joan McGrath, Springfield
Rosemary McLeese, Monticello
Cynthia McKendall, Champaign
Annie McManus, Champaign
Deborah McNaughton, Staunton
Steven Mcqueen, Champaign
Ingrid Melief, Urbana
Ben Miller, Urbana
Douglas Miller, Urbana
Taylor M. Mochulsky, Urbana
Caroline Montgomery, Springfield
Scott Montgomery, Springfield
Beth Morgan, Champaign
Diana Mosher, Champaign
Elizabeth Murphy, Champaign
Susan Mynatt, Savoy
Erica Nehrling, Champaign
Faruq Nelson, Savoy
Joan Nelshoppen, Urbana
Crystal Newman, Urbana
Jennifer Notariano, Springfield
Teresa Nuss
Margaret O’Brien, Urbana
Anne Odom, Champaign
Allison O’Dwyer, Urbana
Joseph Omo-Osagie, Urbana
Jim Onderdonk
Diane Ore, Champaign
Andrew Orta, Urbana
Rosalee Otto, Champaign
Peggy Patten, Urbana
Patrick Patterson, Savoy
Sheila Patterson, Savoy
Michelle Perry, Urbana
Brad Petersen, Champaign
Karla Peterson, Champaign
Karen Pollard, Champaign
Paula Popowski, Champaign
Lisa Powers, Urbana
Keith Prather, Champaign
Kelly Prather, Champaign
David Prochaska, Urbana
Sarah Procko, Champaign
Jennifer Putman, Urbana
Ann Quackenbush, Champaign
Lauren Quinn, Urbana
Cameron Raab, Champaign
Jenny Hill Ravanh, Champaign
Maeve Reilly, Champaign
Nikita Richards, Bloomington
Jack Ricketts, Decatur
Mary Rivers, White Heath
Michael Robson, Urbana
Carlo Robustelli, Bloomington
Michelle Rodrigues, Urbana
Jennifer Roth, Urbana
Connie Roux, Savoy
Sasha Rubel, Urbana
Jacob Rundall, Champaign
Leslie Rye, Champaign
Jan Sabey, Urbana
Jeff Sanders, Champaign
Alison Schmulbach, Champaign
John Schneider, Champaign
Rebecca Schoell, Champaign
Melissa Schoeplein, Urbana
Mary Severinghaus, Mahomet
Kathy Shannon, Champaign
Jim Sikora, Normal
Casey Smith, Urbana
Gwen Smith, Springfield
Rita Smith, Champaign
Wayne Smith, Champaign
Judie Spencer, Urbana
Rachel Spencer, Urbana
Tim Stephens, Urbana
Joan Stolz, Urbana
Ruth Stoltzfus, Urbana
Rebecca Stumpf, Urbana
Todd M. Sweet, Savoy
Stephanie Swift, Urbana
Carol Symes, Urbana
Henry Szujewski, Champaign
Natalie Tabb, Champaign
Jami Taylor, Champaign
Claire Tencati, Champaign
Kathryn Tessin, Urbana
Vicky Thiel, Champaign
Carol Thomas, Champaign
David Thomas, Champaign
Trenna Thomas, Champaign
Timothy Thompson, Champaign
Christopher Tidrick, Savoy
Mary Timmins 
Diane Tipps, Champaign
Gail Tittle, Champaign
Nathan Tolbert, Champaign
Renée Trilling, Champaign
Ruth Trostle, Champaign
Cheyenne Miller, Urbana
Pamela Van Wyk, Champaign
Claire Vail, Champaign
Alice Thompson Vaughan, Urbana
Deanna Vlasich, Gillespie
Sheila Voss, Edwardsville
Ira Wachtel, Champaign
R. Lynn Wachtel, Champaign
Margaret Waltershausen, Urbana
Tom Ward, Urbana
Catherine Watkins, Champaign
Bonnie Washick, Urbana
Eunice Weech, Urbana
Kelley Wegeng, Urbana
Linda Weiner, Champaign
Glenn Westfield, Champaign
Adam Whobrey, Urbana
Tina Whobrey, Urbana
Kirstin Wilcox, Urbana
Mike Wilkinson, Champaign
Trish Wilkinson, Champaign
Valerie Willetts, Urbana
Larry Williams, Champaign
Kate Winkler, Champaign
Debby Winter, Champaign
Matthew S. Winters, Urbana 
Tom Wilson, Urbana
Rebecca Wiltfong, Urbana
Barb Wleklinski, Champaign
Megan Wolf, Champaign
Katie Wolfe, Glen Carbon
Amy Wolff, Urbana
David Wolfmeyer, Champaign
Catherine Yurkovich, Gillespie
Dan Zangerl, Urbana
Elizabeth Zelle, Champaign
Suzanne Zelle, Champaign

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