Letter to Rep. Rodney Davis on Charlottesville and Arpaio

Rep. Davis,

Words cannot separate you from Donald Trump.

After Charlottesville, the president described “very fine people” among the Nazis and white supremacists. You disagreed, and you took no action. He placed “blame on both sides” of Heather Heyer’s death. You said he should “clarify” his statement, and you took no action. He pardoned Joe Arpaio, who was found to have routinely violated the civil rights of Latino citizens over the course of decades and reveled in building a “concentration camp” for those he detained. A federal judge declared his policing techniques illegal and ordered him to stop; he flouted the courts and the fourth amendment. You haven’t even bothered to comment.

The president has spent his term mocking our shared values. In the last two weeks that has meant praising the worst among us and smearing those standing against racism. We’ve found something on which we fundamentally agree: The president is way out of line. And, yet, you take no action.

Rep. Davis, white supremacists in Charlottesville or Boston or Phoenix are not protecting themselves or their “culture.” They are terrorizing our neighbors, family members, and the people you represent. The president routinely encourages those ugly ideas and the violence of those who hold them, with his comments and with the force of the law.

We are not moved by your empty criticisms of the president. We call on you to support the Congressional censure of President Trump for his ridiculous, incoherent, and dangerous remarks after Charlottesville. Given the president’s Constitutional but unconscionable pardon of Arpaio, you and Congressional Republicans must find substantive ways to check his power.

Lead the charge. Start now. It’s never too late to stop making a mistake.

Pat claims of disappointment and bipartisanship cannot separate you from Donald Trump. They are all you have offered — holding on to the hope that you can continue to raise money, win elections, and store up political favor while waiting for this bizarre, broken presidency to pass.

Anne Adams, Urbana
Mark Allender, Champaign
John Alsop, Champaign
Anne Anderson, Champaign
Denny Anderson, Champaign
Nate Atkinson, Champaign
Deborah Baker, Monticello
Reshoma Banerjee, Urbana
Jane Barrett, Champaign
Benjamin Beaupre, Champaign
Susan Bednar, Monticello
Bill Bell, Champaign
Cheryl Berger, Savoy
Dianna Black, Urbana
Philipp Blume, Champaign
Deborah Bodony, Urbana
Hsiao-Ching Chen, Champaign
Lori Choquette, Urbana
Stacy Cribbs, Monticello 
Dorian Cosmedy, Urbana
Kathleen Coyle, Champaign
Karen Decker, Champaign
Kirsten Dennison, Champaign
Rachel Dimock, Champaign
James Divilbiss, Champaign
Mary Jo Divilbiss, Champaign
Mary Kay Doedtman, Springfield
Christy Elamma, Bement
Steven Errede, Champaign
Alain D. Fresco, Urbana
Karen Fresco, Urbana
Lisa Gatzke, Urbana
Alex Goodlad, Champaign
Jody Groff, Champaign
Ryann Grove, Champaign
Susan Guironnet, Urbana
Elly Hanauer, Champaign
Amy Heggemeyer, Champaign
Pamela Hill, Champaign
Cloydia Hill Larimore, Urbana
Paul Hixson, Urbana
Darlene Hoffman, White Heath
Sara Hook, Champaign
Jessica Kopolow, Champaign
Megan Kuhlenschmidt, Champaign
Ming Kuo, Urbana
Ellen Leyerle, Champaign
Mike Leyerle, Champaign
Melissa Libert, Bloomington
Yu-Feng Lin, Champaign
Suzanne Linder, Champaign
Kerrith Livengood, Champaign
Sarah Lubienski, Urbana
Laura Lyon, Urbana
Hector Mandel, Philo
Sylvia Mandel, Philo
Jack Maples, Urbana
Terry Maher, Champaign
Mike Marlow, Champaign
Pat Marlow, Champaign
Jill Martin, Edwardsville
Wendy Mathewson, Urbana
Gayle Matteson, Hillsboro
Cynthia McKendall, Champaign
Susan McKenna, Urbana
Rosemary McLeese, Monticello
Ingrid Melief, Urbana
Douglas Miller, Urbana
Georgette Moore, Champaign
Diana Mosher, Champaign
Rebecca Motley, Champaign
Heather Munson, Champaign
Elizabeth Murphy, Champaign
Mary Murphy, White Heath
Tom Murphy, White Heath
Susan Mynatt, Savoy
Faruq Nelson, Savoy
Margaret O’Brien, Urbana
Allison O’Dwyer, Urbana
Joe Omo-Osagie, Urbana
Diane Ore, Champaign
Andrew Orta, Urbana
Nick Owens, Champaign
Peggy Patten, Urbana
Patrick Patterson, Savoy
Sheila Patterson Savoy
Elisabeth Pollock, Urbana
Lisa Powers, Urbana
Ann Prisland, Champaign
David Prochaska, Urbana
Jenny Putman, Urbana
Ann Quackenbush, Champaign
Cameron Raab, Champaign
Dana Rabin, Urbana
Mary Rivers, White Heath
Michael Robson, Urbana
Marie Roy, Urbana
Leslie Rye, Champaign
Bryan Savage, Champaign
Alison Schmulbach, Champaign
Catherine Schneider, Urbana
Melissa Schoeplein, Urbana
Mary Severinghaus, Mahomet
Kathy Shannon, Champaign
Julia Shelton, Champaign
Linda Sims, Champaign
Betsy Smith, Urbana
Phil Strang, Urbana
Joan Stolz, Urbana
Todd Sweet, Savoy
Stephanie Swift, Urbana
Lindsey Tallerico, Glen Carbon
Jami Taylor, Champaign
Stephen Taylor
Kathryn Tessin, Urbana
Diane Tipps, Champaign
Beverly Thomas, Champaign
Trenna Thomas, Champaign
Renée Trilling, Champaign
Pamela Van Wyk, Champaign
Joan Volkmann, Urbana
Catherine Watkins, Champaign
Mary Wade, Champaign
Eunice Weech, Urbana
Michael Weissman, Champaign
Rebecca Wiltfong, Urbana
Kate Winkler, Champaign
Matt Winters, Urbana