Letter to Rodney Davis on Comey firing and Trump’s release of highly classified material, May 2017

To sign this letter, send your name and city to jwb713@yahoo.com. Please share this letter among your friends as well. The more signatures, the better.

Rep. Davis,

For months now, you have chosen to stand with President Trump — voting in line with his position more than 96 percent of the time, defending his Muslim ban and echoing the administration’s false claim that it only affected a few hundred people, and championing a retrograde health care bill that would take insurance from millions in exchange for billionaires’ tax cuts.

Perhaps these were successful political calculations, good for your career or for your party or even for a slim subset of your district. Regardless, it is time to put these calculations and partisanship aside.

Stand up to President Trump.

Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last week. You said at the time that you were “somewhat troubled by this action” and hoped the administration had “some good reasons” that would “come out pretty soon.” After some inconsistent explanations by the president’s staff, the reason came out less than 48 hours later when Trump explained that the Russia investigation was why he fired Comey.

You had no further comment on whether that qualified as a good reason. You barely had time, given that only days later we learned that Trump revealed classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. In the Oval Office.

The man is brazen and unable to control himself. His indiscretion endangers intelligence sources and our national security. It weakens relationships with our allies, which are already strained by Trump’s dangerous and bizarre behavior.

We call on you to immediately and publicly support a new, independent investigation of the Trump administration’s and campaign’s connections to Russia — ideally, an independent commission of non-partisan experts.

You have previously suggested that the existing Congressional investigations should be given more time. Those investigations have repeatedly stalled and suffered from very questionable leadership. Their time has passed. Additional action is crucial.

The chaos bred by Donald Trump has had its political benefit for congressional Republicans. Give up that benefit in the name of our broader, shared democratic principles. Acknowledge — as 78 percent of Americans currently do — that an independent Russia investigation is necessary. And do your job as our representative to check a president who is out of control.

Mark Allender, Champaign
John Alsop, Champaign
Nate Atkinson, Champaign
Colleen Aziz, Urbana
Cathy Baird, Champaign
Deborah Baker, White Heath
Ellen Beattie, Champaign
Benjamin Beaupre, Champaign
Eric Beckley, Urbana
Susan G. Bednar, Monticello
Bill Bell, Champaign
Cheryl Berger, Savoy
Alice Berkson, Champaign
Philipp Blume, Champaign
Corinne Banach, Champaign
Colleen Braun, Champaign
Elaine Brown, Savoy
Ann Burger, Urbana
Clarissa Burbridge, Bement
Jennifer M. Carroll, Monticello
Hsiao-Ching Chen, Champaign
Lori Choquette, Urbana
Roger G. Clark, White Heath
Maureen Collins-Kolb, Clinton
Trisha Crowley, Champaign
Matthew Currey, Champaign
Colleen Deal, Champaign
Kristen Dean-Grossmann, Philo
Katherine Denmead, Champaign
Tyler Denmead, Champaign
Kirsten Dennison, Champaign
Dick Detzner, Urbana
Glen Dimock, Champaign
Rachel Dimock, Champaign
James Divilbiss, Champaign
Mary Jo Divilbiss, Champaign
Diana Dudzienski, Champaign
Christy Ann Elamma, Bement
Steven Errede, Champaign
Kevin Fahey, Urbana
Kate Falk, Urbana
Terri Fredrick, Champaign
Lisa N.D. Flanagan, Normal
Ryan Flanagan, Urbana
Sheree Flannigan, Monticello
Jeffrey Friedman, Champaign
Lisa Gatzke, Urbana
Myra Gillespie, Champaign
Alex Goodlad, Champaign
Ryann Grove, Champaign
Susan Guironnet, Urbana
Laura Haber, Urbana
Elizabeth Hanauer, Champaign
James Hansen, Champaign
Mary Lucille Hays, White Heath
Amy Heggemeyer, Champaign
Pamela Hill, Urbana
Sara Hook, Champaign
Kathy Hughes, Champaign
Dan Ingram, Monticello
Catherine Jackson, Champaign
Laura Jacob, Champaign
Scott Johnson, Champaign
Lois Kain, Urbana
Melody Kane, Champaign
Brett Kaplan, Champaign
Paula Kaufman, Champaign
Catherine Kenney, Blue Ridge Township
Emily Kerlin, Urbana
Todd Kinney, Urbana
Joseph Klaus, White Heath
Sue Klefstad, Monticello
Katherine Kline, Decatur
Eileen Kohen, Urbana
Jessica Kopolow, Champaign
Megan Kuhlenschmidt, Champaign
Timothy Kuiken, Champaign
Ming Kuo, Urbana
Eileen Hamer, Champaign
Sharon Haworth, Urbana
Cloydia Hill Larimore, Urbana
Yu-Feng Lin, Champaign
Nancy Holda, Champaign
Deborah Insana, Urbana
Michael Insana, Urbana
Alison Lamothe, Edwardsville
Judith Lateer, Monticello
Barry A. Lausmann, Decatur
Cindy Lawson, Normal
Ben Leff, Urbana
Carrie Levin, Springfield
Ellen Leyerle, Champaign
Mike Leyerle, Champaign
Suzanne Linder, Champaign
Samantha Lindgren, Champaign
Kerrith Livengood, Champaign
Sarah Lubienski, UrbanaTerry Maher, Champaign
Hector Mandel, Philo
Mike Marlow, Champaign
Patricia Marlow, Champaign
Anna-Maria Marshall, Urbana
Jeremy Martin, Edwardsville
Jill Martin, Edwardsville
Wendy Mathewson, Urbana
Gayle Matteson, Hillsboro
Mary Murphy, White Heath
Tom Murphy, White Heath
Cara Maurizi, Urbana
Rebecca McBride, Seymour
Tara McCauley, Urbana
Cynthia McKendall, Champaign
Susan McKenna, Urbana
Anne McKinney, Champaign
Rosemary McLeese, Monticello
Ingrid Melief, Urbana
Scott Meyer, Champaign
Douglas Miller, Urbana
Therese Millet, Urbana
Caroline Montgomery, Springfield
Scott Montgomery, Springfield
Georgette Moore, Champaign
Mary Moran, Normal
Diana Mosher, Champaign
Kay Mulhall, SavoyHeather Munson, Champaign
Elizabeth Murphy, Champaign
Doug Mynatt, Savoy
Susan Mynatt, Savoy
Joan Nelshoppen, Urbana
Mimi Thi Nguyen, Champaign
Pat Nolan, Urbana
Allison O’Dwyer, Urbana
Diane Ore, Champaign
Andrew Orta, Urbana
Deborah Owen, Glen Carbon
Nick Owens, Champaign
Lyn Petrie, Urbana
Karen Pollard, Champaign
Renee Pollock, Urbana
Nathan Poulosky, Urbana
Ann Prisland, Champaign
Ann Quackenbush, Champaign
Lauren Quinn, Urbana
Cameron Raab, Champaign
Jennifer Rice, Champaign
Amy Rients, Normal
Mary Rivers, White Heath
Michael Robson, Urbana
Michelle A. Rodrigues, Urbana
Jennifer Roth, Urbana
Connie Roux, Savoy
Natasha Rubel, Urbana
Gail Salantai, EdwardsvilleSandra Schaefer, Champaign
Alexander Scheeline, Champaign
Linda Sims, Champaign
Melissa Schoeplein, Urbana
Kathy Shannon, Champaign
Mark Shields, Philo
Mary Kay Shields, Philo
Betsy Smith, Urbana
Casey Smith, Urbana
Wayne Smith, Champaign
Marianne Stein, Champaign
Karen Steiner, Champaign
Tim Stephens, Urbana
Ruth Stoltzfus, Urbana
Rebecca Stumpf, Urbana
Todd M. Sweet, Savoy
Henry Szujewski, Champaign
Jami Taylor, Champaign
Kathryn Tessin, Urbana
Diane Tipps, Champaign
Nathan Tolbert, Champaign
Laurel Treat, Brighton
Renée Trilling, Champaign
Beth Van, Champaign
Mitri Van, Champaign
Joan Volkmann, Urbana
Ira Wachtel, Champaign
Rebecca Lynn Wachtel, Champaign
Catherine Watkins, Champaign
Barry Weiner, Champaign
Linda Weiner, Champaign
Jane G. White, Bement
Kim Whittlesey, Urbana
Victoria Williams, Champaign
Valerie Willetts, Urbana
Rebecca Wiltfong, Urbana
Kate Winkler, Champaign
Matt Winters, Urbana

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