About the Author/Introduction


Dear Readers,

My name is Emersyn Snow and I am a junior in highschool who has a lot of stuff to talk about.

Some people write in a journal, or talk to their mom, or talk to their dog to vent their feelings and make themselves feel better.

I however have a shoebox full of letters to random people about various topics during various time periods of my 17 years of life.

My shoebox is getting full.

I have decided that this is going to be my new shoebox.

Please enjoy an insight into my shoebox.

All of these letters probably won’t be in chronological order, because they’re letters. I’ll provide context behind them if need be.

All of these letters are written by me, unless the letter is signed differently.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Who is Samual? A: Samual is a boy to whom most of my letters are written to. He has caused me a a plethora of emotions and “Letters to Samual” was the only thing I could think of to name this blog.

Q: Is your name really Emersyn? A: Eh kind of

Q: Will any of the letters from your physical shoebox make it on to this one? A: Yeah totally! Just depends on if I want to look back at them because some of them are super cringy and super stupid and stink of hormonal angst. So we’ll see.

I’m new to this and Idk how to take this image out of this post without it being taken out of my heading so here ya go.
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