Meena and Solomon at the Playground, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017

Dearest Solomon,

You’ll be too young to remember today, so I wanted to write this little bookmark here for you. Today is your Nanny’s last day.

When you were just born, we knew that we would both have to work and we searched for someone who would be kind, loving, and let importantly, treat you as a parent would. We met with many different kinds of people, but a quiet lady named Meena stood out for us.

Meena came highly recommended, of course, and that made us happy. Her schedule worked great for us as well. I always saw a little bit of my mom in her. I can’t imagine a better start to your life. She never let us down.

We wanted a nanny for you so you would have all the attention and love you needed. We we’re lucky enough to be able to have found someone we could trust with our most precious thing — you. Now that you are growing up (too fast, please stop), it is time for you to be around other children your own age and to start to learn all the things you will need for the rest of your life. Sadly, this part you can’t do with Meena.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve been on a great journey and all grown closer. I know that when you see her in the morning you are so happy. The last few weeks, you have learned to give a kiss goodbye even — she is the only person you do this for. I know she will miss you.

I don’t think we even realize how much Meena does — but we’ll find out soon enough. On Monday, you start day care with a new batch of soon-to-be friends. It’s a new routine for us and definitely a huge change for you. I worry, but I also know how resilient you are and know you will be a champ.

I’m so grateful that you don’t have to know sadness yet, son. So today, I’ll be sad for you. I don’t think it ever gets easy to say goodbye. I can only figure that when a nanny moves on they have solace in knowing they left love behind and the whole future to look forward to. I’m sure that’s the case now.

With all the terrible things happening in the world today, it warms my heart just a little bit to know that a one-time stranger can show such love. Family is who you open your arms and heart to, nothing else. We’ll always be grateful to Meena and I hope we can all stay connected as you grow into a young boy and man.

Love always,

Thank you Meena for all your love and help. We’ll miss you, but hopefully we’ll see you on the playground!