Mind the Duck

Photo by Ravi Singh on Unsplash

July 21, 2017

Dearest Solomon,

This morning, I was greeted by a post from my friend, and a dad I have always respected, C.C. Chapman. His post, “Being a Duck Ain’t Easy, But It Keeps Me Sane,” struck a chord, so I figured I would strum it.

Ducks are really interesting characters. Mostly living on the water, they’re used to the adversity of a wet, outdoor life. As my friend makes note, ducks are cool because:

“They let the rain wash off of them because they realize there is nothing they can do about it directly so they focus on what they can do.”

This is really great advice. We have minimal control over things in life, with the exception of how we choose to think and act. This is much harder than it seems, in practice, of course. Sometimes, it’s downright impossible.

If you grow up to be anything like me, you’ll likely have a very excitable personality. You’ll also likely wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Both of these things are great and will be assets in the long term, but often can work against your intentions and will in the short term.

I find that many times, it’s best to take a deep breath before acting. Note, I just know this is good to do, not that I do it all the time :) . That said, I find it helpful to write something down before I commit to it. Or vent to someone else, instead of public. Both of these are good ways to release some of the steam — I am sure you will find your own ways.

One thing to note, though. Even though it may be good advice to step away, it’s important to not become apathetic or perceived as disengaged. It’s entirely possible to take this to the extreme and seem too “cool” to things. People love to connect with other peoples’ passion and I’d always prefer to be though of as passionate, not passive.

Choose the right fights to fight, but once you choose, be a great warrior.

Love Always,

p.s. Did you know that most male ducks are silent most of the time?
p.s.s. Duck was one of your earliest words and favorite toys?

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