The written word

Mediums and how they affect the creation process

Creation is creation. Right? The end result is what matters, what erupts into the world. What the people see. But honestly, I don’t buy that.

How something becomes can be far more important than the actual end result. The process is the art. The art is the process. The behind-the-scenes, the in-between.

My brain prefers tactile creation, which presents an interesting challenge considering that I write. (Am I a writer simply because I write? I suppose. But that’s another post.) That’s why I have a colorful array of journaling pens and paper in my office, which I sprawl between my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 1955 Smith-Corona typewriter when inspiration hits. I’d like to think I have the patience to go through the motions, up the creation ladder, from pen and paper to typewriter to laptop, every time I write. To allow the art to become. But alas, it varies. Each post, each poem, comes from a different place, and goes through a different process.

Should each post I post come with an ingredients list? “This post was created with EK Tools journaling pens within a haphazardly-kept Leuchtturm1917”? Do you need to know whether I prefer cursive or print or capital letters? (It, too, varies.) Does the point of inspiration matter just as much as the creation itself?

Sometimes I walk, mindfully, through my life — though not literally; I more often bike — with a certain mindset. I can’t quite describe it, but my mind is butter, melting at every warm moment, smoothing my insides. I squint ever so slightly, so as not to miss the smallest seconds of beauty. You never know where the next bout of inspiration might come from.

The creation process should not be ignored. It’s just as important as the art on the wall in the gallery, or the blog post shared on Medium *cough*, or the quote typed on the typewriter. Don’t brush it aside. Bring it into the light.

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