warm blood - flor

When Zach Grace, vocalist of indie band flor, sang the words “you're fire, but sweet; hot coals beneath my feet” in their song Warm Blood, I couldn't help but think how amazing the person he refers to was. She gives warmth. She brings light. She's someone that keeps Grace on his feet. One could get so many good things from fire, and from her. One could associate only so many traits to fire—passionate, courageous, determined. But fire is also something that burns, and brings destruction; and when it does, leaves practically nothing behind, not even itself. And when left on its own, it does so—both the good and the bad—gracefully.

Imagine being taken as fire. Not “like fire,” but “fire” in its entirety.

I'm still trying to figure things out. Life, and all its nooks and crannies. But these lyrics in particular give me an idea of the things I want to write and make art about, and ultimately, what I want to be.

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Isabelle Villaruel

An architect by day, a writer by night, but a poet most of the time.