VWM Rare yet Everywhere

Vanishing White Matter Disease (VWM) Leukodystrophy is a degeneration of the brain. VWM is one of 52 different leukodystrophies. VWM has a face around the globe. Currently there is no cure or treatment for VWM. We are in race against time to Find a Cure for VWM ! Time is not on our side; most children born with this genetic disease die at an early age. Research efforts are greatly underfunded and there is little awareness.

shop here: https://onemission.fund/support/find-a-cure-for-vwm/?shopfor=72805

Your purchase will help aid and benefit VWM research and spread leukodystrophy awareness. Proceeds from this limited addition Find a Cure for VWM fundraiser: https://onemission.fund/support/find-a-cure-for-vwm/?shopfor=72805 will go to AFTAU towards VWM Research at TAU. To read more about VWM research see: https://english.tau.ac.il/impact/VWM

Note: About a year ago we have joined #SavingChloeSaxby Team : Our goal is to raise $2,600,000 …..but we need your help to get there.

Watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuh899edPOQ&t and read here: https://medium.com/leukodystrophy-awareness/our-fundraising-goal-2fa45fed014a#.nuoki9n71

There are 3 easy ways YOU can support #findacureforvwm fundraiser:
1.You can purchase any of One Mission’s great products — https://onemission.fund/support/find-a-cure-for-vwm/?shopfor=72805 and 40% of what you spend will be donated to VWM research
2.You can donate cash (One Mission doesn’t charge a platform fee) — https://onemission.fund/support/find-a-cure-for-vwm/?shopfor=72805
3.You can share this fundraiser with your friends and family: https://onemission.fund/support/find-a-cure-for-vwm/?shopfor=72805
Thank You!

Originally published at onemission.fund.

Leukodystrophy Awareness

Raising Leukodystrophy Awareness while searching to find a cure for Vanishing White Matter Disease (VWM) -VWM is a rare genetic disorder that results from mutations in a gene known as EIF2B.

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