Tokio Sushi

New sushi take away in town

We heard about this place from the owner of Ron blacks and as he was very happy with the quality we decided to give it a try.

The menu has a quite big variety so it was not easy to choose. We were six and on an average we eat 20 pieces per person so we needed to have 120 pieces.

I think you can see it from the picture that all was super fresh. What surprised is were the nigiri as the slice of salmon was far thicker than you can find at any of the other sushi’s in town.

Overall I’ll add the place in the top of the list for sushi in Leuven.

Take away menu + party menus

Address: Ravenstraat 19, 3000, Leuven

Openings hours: 12–3pm; 5:30–10:30 pm

Discount for take away: 6%

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