10 Questions With Model And Entrepreneur Aubrey Destremps

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Jan 27, 2018 · 4 min read
Credit: Andre Nguyen

How would you define your personal style?

My personal style changes on my mood, I go from dolled up and girly to tomboy in a heartbeat.

What beauty tips do you swear by?

I have actually written an article on a beauty secret that I swear by- Aloe Vera. When I was in Mexico for a modeling trip we used the plant on our skin at the spa and I realized ever since how much of a miracle worker it is for complexion. To read more in depth on this beauty hack, the link to my article is on my personal website- www.aubreydestremps.com under publications.

Credit: Andre Nguyen

What is your opinion on the current climate of the modeling industry?

I love the artistic expression that I can portray through modeling, but the modeling industry itself needs a lot of improvement. I believe in strong, empowered females, and being in this industry takes a lot of bravery. Too many times I have witness unprofessionalism and misconduct in the modeling industry- mostly from male photographers, recruiters, and directors. This has been an ongoing problem since way before I became a professional model and I really want to start speaking on it in order to see it change while I’m in this field.

Credit: Brian Christopher

What is the craziest thing ever to happen to you during a photo-shoot?

The craziest photoshoot I ever had was a spaghetti fight shoot for a lingerie company. We had about 5 girls tossing pasta at each other across a 7 foot long dinner table. You can only image how messy the set and the models looked after the shoot.

What is your dream location? And why?

I have always dreamed of traveling to thailand because of its waterfalls, scenery, and animals.

We recently featured this image of you by Andre Nguyen, briefly explain this session.

Credit: Andre Nguyen

Andre and I became good friends over a year ago, since then we have capitalized on our chemistry as a photographer/model duo. Our latest shoot featured orchids framing my face for dramatic headshots. We pulled Japanese inspo for this look in the topknot, flowers, and makeup. This set is meant to be delicate, feminine, and uplifting.

Any tips for other models that get put under stressful situations?

Never feel like you cannot say no, and never settle for anything you feel is less than your worth. Whether it be rates, photo concepts, or even hair and makeup that you do not feel comfortable with. In this industry people will try to get as much from you as possible with little to offer back. Do not feel like it will hurt your career to say no or object something that makes you feel uncomfortable. By being strong you are helping the rest of the girls in this industry by setting expectations and standards higher for us all.

Credit: Rancel Lopez

Best advice you’ve ever received?

To put yourself first. I struggled for a while with getting ahead in this industry because I was always willing to help a friend, to not ask for better compensation, to offer my friends jobs I could have filled. You cannot truly help someone if you don’t have your own business settled, so put yourself first. After all it’s your life,- live it to please you, not anybody else!

What is the one product that you can’t live without?

I’m not sure that there’s any product I can’t live without, but I would say that mascara is extremely nice to have in life.

Credit: Andre Nguyen

Is there anything we didn’t ask you about that you’d like to share?

Not only do I model, but I am a hair/makeup artist as well. I am starting my own cosmetic line launching this spring! Aubrey Cosmetics will be for all skin tones, all ages, and all genders. There are no rules to makeup and I want to break down any stereotypes surrounding that.


We care to dig behind the lens and get to the core of the mind behind the shots.

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We care to dig behind the lens and get to the core of the mind behind the shots.

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