Interview: Photographer Kayla Esparza

Wedding Photographer + Videographer for adventurous couples

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Dec 9, 2017 · 4 min read
Portrait Of Kayla Esparza

Born storyteller and moment capturer, Kayla Esparza has come a long way from a discouraging mindset and portrays the happiness and pure joy of moments in the most beautiful ways and we are so excited to share what she had to say!

Image: Kayla Esparza

How did you find yourself interested in photography?

I found myself first interested in photography when I saw how I could capture something that made people react. I remember going into my backyard when I was just 11 years old, with a camera my mom bought for my dad, and taking photos of the dew on the grass. I ran inside, floored, and my parents would go “ooo” and “ahhhh”! It was like christmas morning to me, pure adrenaline.

Image: Kayla Esparza

How would you distinguish your style?

I have a playful over posed style. I want clients to just hangout and have fun, be themselves, while I capture their true and genuine reactions.

Image: Kayla Esparza

What are the most significant aspects of who you are and what you do?

The most significant aspect to who I am is being a Christ follower. I believe in loving every person I come across, no matter their race, sex, gender, etc. I want to make people feel beautiful, and to feel love, and that is why I do what I do.

Image: Kayla Esparza

What has been a significant learning point for you?

Getting to shoot alongside the most amazing photographers, that has truly helped me learn the most.

Image: Kayla Esparza

How has your overall journey in photography been like?

My overall journey has been rocky. It wasn’t until this last year that I’ve truly found happiness and success in photography. It was hard at the start because I was constantly comparing myself to others, and thinking, well my passion is just a hobby, it could never be a job. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Image: Kayla Esparza

What did you do before photography?

Before photography, wow, I can’t even remember! All I remember about my childhood was photography or directing, acting, or filming videos. I loved making music videos with my siblings, and directing them on what to do.

Image: Kayla Esparza

How would you say your work differs from others?

My work differs from others because I wish I didn’t have to charge people. I truly love what I do, and I wish I had enough security to just truly give back to people and take their photos for free. Obviously that isn’t how society is built, but I believe some photographers are just in it for the money. Thats not me at all.

Image: Kayla Esparza

What do YOU feel and see when you look at your work?

I feel happy. And I see happy. And thats all I could ever want for my portfolio.

Image: Kayla Esparza

Is there anything, anything at all, that we didn’t ask about that you’d most like to share?

I just want to share love. I know I touched on that earlier, but I truly love photographing people to show them how beautiful they are, no matter how they feel about themselves.


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