Interview With Fashion & Engagement Photographer Rex Yu

Rex Yu is a photographer that specializes in fashion and engagement photography.

Portrait Of Rex Yu

How was your interest in photography born and how did you end up pursuing it?

The interest in my photography actually came as a fluke. It was actually the love of blogging music back in 2010 that got me into picking up a camera. We wanted to get into music events to do write ups on indie bands and festivals, however we also needed to show that we were legitimate press writers and journalists, so I borrowed a Canon 60D at the time and tried my hand at documenting artists, which made me fall in love with capturing event photography and people in general.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

How would you distinguish your style?

I wouldn’t say my style of photography is very unique, however my creative direction and fashion styling in my photos is what sets me apart. A lot of the portraits I take have a lot of Folk vibes in it. I like shooting models in various hats, I’m not sure why I’m drawn to it, but it’s always been aesthetically pleasing to me to see a person in a wide brimmed hat, in all shapes and colors, along with complimentary fashionable clothing.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

What was your life like before photography?

My life before photography was actually very tame, I think that’s why I love photography so much because it became a tool to experience the world through. Photography gave me a new outlook and perspective on life through the looking glass.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

What has your journey and evolution through photography been like?

Well, it started with event photography, then evolved into wedding/engagements, now I’m primarily focused on fashion and portraits. I’ve become more than a photographer now, but rather a creative director, adding pieces of a story together to form an aesthetic photo that actually tells a story.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

Any downsides you’ve had to deal with being a photographer?

Models that flake! There’s nothing worse than putting all the pieces together (the make up artist, the stylist, location scouting, and props) just to have the model cancel at the last second. It’s one of the most frustrating things. However, I still love when a shoot finally does come together and the payoff is well worth it. If it was easy, everyone would do it. I truly believe you have to have a passion for it.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

What are your greatest goals and ambitions with yourself and the work you do?

My greatest goals is to become a creative director for large fashion brands, such as, LoveofLemons or Lack of Color, as well as shooting campaigns for Vogue. I would love to travel to exotic places, such as, Talum and Bali so I can shoot amazing scenery mixed with fashion forward lifestyle photos.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

What have you taken away from in your experiences in photography and the photography communities the most?

I’ve learned to persevere with my creativity and push harder than I’ve ever thought possible. I’m constantly interacting with the creative community and gaining more knowledge and inspiration to do more. I’ve learned to thrive in fear and uncertainty. If I’m not scared or unsure, then I know I’m not growing as an artist, I’m not doing anything that is different, which is a mindset I’ve had to wrap my head around and train myself to be comfortable with.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

If we were to just ask you “why do you do this?” what would you tell us?

Why does anyone do anything they like to do, I think it comes from everyone’s innate ability to be creative. Everyone has the ability to follow their passions, some just trade it in for comfort. I made the choice to not conform but rather test my limits in life. We only have one at bat, so why not do something creative and original while you can.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

What was your last shoot like?

Funny you should ask, the last shoot I did was with a model out in the canyons where I actually squatted on a cactus and got pricked a bunch of times in my ass. That was painful and embarrassing, but rather hilarious to the model and my team. It was a good time.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

Is there anything, absolutely anything at all, that we didn’t ask about that you’d like to share?

To all the creatives out there that is reading this, don’t be too hard on yourself, stop caring about what others may think of your work, and focus on what you care about creating that would be satisfying to you. Stay on your creative train and don’t deviate at any stops along the way, Continue shooting what you like and eventually your voice will shine distinctly.

Photo Credit: Rex Yu

Thank you Rex for giving us the opportunity to interview you and share your story and valuable tips to the ever expanding community of creatives!

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