Interview: Photographer Taylor Jarvis

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Dec 9, 2017 · 4 min read
Portrait Of Taylor Jarvis

We love getting onto the most human and person-focused levels of any of the amazing photographers and we have ended up with such a great interview to share with Taylor Jarvis!

Image: Taylor Jarvis

How did you discover and come to invest yourself in photography?

My parents surprised me with my very first Nikon when I was turning fifteen in high-school (2006)…I thought it was so cool. I starting taking pictures of mainly my friends, objects, and landscapes because I was living in a very small town at the time (when I say very small, this town had a couple of fast-food joints and a $2 movie theater that showed two movies a week kind of small town!) Photography became another outlet for me to be creative. Here’s a crazy fact: I have never taken a single photography class…I’m self-taught and have read a lot, watched a lot, and have practiced over the past ten years.

Image: Taylor Jarvis

How would you describe your vision and style?

I would say my vision depends on the shoot…every individual is different, and although I love consistency, I still edit every single individual photo…because I think each photo/shot I take is important. I love hearing people’s stories and what’s going on in their lives…and that kind of helps me with the vision of the shoot: how I see them as individuals…beautiful. I think my style would be considered pretty moody, but like I said, every shoot is different…and if there’s a certain style or theme we’re aiming for, then it could be altered.

Image: Taylor Jarvis

What has had the greatest influence on you and your work?

I would say my friends and family. I started doing Photography as a hobby back in high school…and I actually studied Music in college and began my music career (while still in college) playing in a wedding band here in Charleston…(5 years now!) So, I took a break from doing photography and focused on music until a few months ago…I sat down and started thinking, “Why don’t I just go for it…start a separate Instagram for photography?” My husband Brian and friends were so encouraging…so, September of 2016, I thought of the name “Pale Girl Photography” (because I’m pretty pale….my mom’s a ginger!), and the rest was history. Within these past six months, I’ve shot over 100 shoots, shot at Charleston Wedding Week, shot at Charleston Fashion Week, featured in Local Wolves Magazine/Pursuit of Portraits Spring Issue, and have met so many awesome models and bloggers along the way that have become friends of mine.

Image: Taylor Jarvis

What are your goals and aspirations with your work?

I simply want to constantly create beautiful things. I want to be known for stepping past the boundaries/the ordinary. I want people to feel something when they see my pictures…I don’t want them to just be “pretty pictures”. It’s not about the money to me, I charge hardly nothing for my shoots but for me…it’s about connecting with people, growing as a photographer, and learning after every single shoot. My “dream job” for photography would be one day to create/publish a creative magazine/book series.

Image: Taylor Jarvis

How was your life before the integration of photography?

My life before photography was still creative…just not as creative. I still play music full-time and I also love to paint…but having photography in my life has opened another outlet for me that is beyond words.

Image: Taylor Jarvis

What do YOU feel when you look at your photos?

I feel like I know the person and that there’s a story that’s being told in each shoot. It makes excited and feel good when I hear each person’s reaction when they receive the final photos…it’s like they’re seeing how beautiful they are for the first time…but I saw it all along!

Image: Taylor Jarvis

What do you look forward to doing or achieving in the future?

I think for me, I can’t wait to look back in the next 5–10 years and see how far I’ve come. I’m looking forward to learning more, meeting more people and making connections, and ultimately just being known as “Pale Girl”/Pale Girl Photography.

Image: Taylor Jarvis

Is there anything we didn’t ask about that you’d most like to share?

I love pizza. It sounds so silly, but for real, I could eat it almost every day (even though I don’t!) My friends buy me pizza earrings, socks, tees…I even have a pizza beach towel…it’s pretty absurd.


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