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Update on Levana projects

In 2022, Levana was working on several exciting projects in the crypto and DeFi space. These projects included Perps, Options Trading, Comic, Novel, Games, and NFTs.

At the end of the year, the team decided to spin out many of these projects into smaller teams to allow for a more focused approach. In this post, we will take a closer look at each project and the high-level vision for the world of Levana moving forward.

Perps — The Focus of Levana

The Perps project remains in-house, and the team has increased focus on this project in recent months. This increased focus has resulted in significant productivity improvements, with considerable progress on bug fixes, the Earn and history page, and a robust test kit.

Before the launch of Perps, an incentivized testnet trading competition will occur on the Osmosis testnet. Prizes will be awarded to skillful traders, and tokens will be available for all who participate in the token generation event.

After the launch of Perps, the Levana token is intended to launch, and tokens may be claimable to users who have interacted with Levana products.

Dragon NFTs staked in the Perps platform may also be eligible for additional token rewards.

Comic and the Story of Levana

The Comic team has been working independently to continue the story of Levana. They have been reworking much of the existing content to create a completed first graphic novel. The Levana book was spun out and is being conducted by an independent team, and it will be published as an NFT independently.

Options Trading and GameFi on Hold

The Options Trading project is currently on hold until there is evidence of product-market fit for Perps. The team loves options trading but recognizes that focusing on building one product at a time is essential.

The P2E game GameFi has also been put on hold until there is a product-market fit from the DeFi applications. Although several teams have created proposals for a Levana-themed P2E game, it is unlikely that any RPG game will be released in 2023.

Levana Mini Games

In 2022 Levana released 3 games for the Juno network, and built a 4th game, Council Labyrinth. This game will be hidden in Levana Perps after launch as an Easter Egg.

Prizes may be awarded to brave adventurers that find the entrance to the Labyrinth and complete the quest.

Gamification and Robust API Access

The feedback received was clear, robust API access is a must-have. Levana intends to release detailed documentation for third-party developers to easily build on top of Levana Perps. The team also plans to incorporate gamification elements to allow users to level up and earn rewards.

Dust, Eggs and Dragons

After the launch of Perps, egg holders will be able to merge dust and eggs into their Perps account, resulting in the creation of Dragon NFTs.

These NFTs may be used for premium benefits in Perps and future Levana products.

While many of these side projects will be moving at a slower pace, or put on hold entirely, Levana will continue to grow with her original vision through the year and will release updates on progress as they come in.

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