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Wow, just wow.

This was a big week for Levana. The last 3 days were big days for Levana. We apologize in advance if this will be a long winded post. The team is a bit emotional right now.

Our team loves NFTs. There is so much that can be done with them. So many ways to create touch points that appeal to a massive audience. We were tired of “yet another PFP” and projects that build up to a minting event and disappear almost immediately after.

When we first brainstormed about a designing a new approach to distributed NFTs, we started by looking at all the things that have become a standard in the space that presented significant detractions from healthy community building:

  • Whitelists
  • The Good Morning Army
  • Discord shilling
  • Fake users to boost up numbers (on Telegram, Twitter and Discord)

We wanted to avoid these aspects, and more, so we decided to start at square one and invent a completely new distribution method, that would be fun, and open to anyone.

We know it was not for everyone, but if you are reading this, hopefully you had a fun time and will participate in future games we bring to the Terra ecosystem.

Thank You

We want to thank everyone that helped make this launch possible. First and foremost is you the participant. Over 6000 of you showed up to support us. We take much pride in knowing that what we designed was enjoyed by so many people. We feel a great sense of responsibility to continue to create fun, entertaining experiences for you the participant, and we appreciate you joining us along for this ride.

We also want to thank all the Devs, Artists, Game designers, community moderators and content writers that helped make this happen. Over 30 people gave their time, blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights to make the meteor shower happen with almost flawless execution.

We also want to thank the community members that challenged us, that hated us, that spread FUD and other negativity. You were a critical part of the equation, you made us continuously question ourselves with questions like, “are we being fair, have we done a good job with communication, does the distribution method solve the problems we intended to solve. And more!” We think you did more to make this project great than anyone else, and we even received some DMs afterwards from some of the more vocal concerned community members, that they did participated, and in general, enjoyed the user experience.

High level stats

While it was difficult to anticipate exactly what the average chance of containing an egg would be for each tier before the shower, now we have exact data. Note: The exact likelihood of any egg depends on the rank of that meteor, which includes both randomness and weight per rank. We will publish more information about how this is calculated as we get closer to launching the cracking station.

Total meteors

  • Legendary: 440
  • Ancient: 4200
  • Rare: 11956
  • Common: 25020

Average chance of a meteor containing an egg based on tier

  • Legendary: 100%
  • Ancient: 31.4%
  • Rare: 22.4%
  • Common: 17.7%

You can download the breakdown of metadata currently available for the meteors here:


Less than half way through the meteor shower a number of dashboards came online.

Here is a detailed report from the guys at Flipside, recapping the distribution of meteors:

What went Wrong and Right

Bad — Poor communication on how the doors would open

We launched the website and let people participate in the first shower 24 hours before the first shower started. This confused some people, not understanding exactly when the first shower would start.

Bad — Poor communication on weighted randomness

We worked with the community on Discord to create a fair meteor distribution method. On one hand we wanted to keep randomness based on tiers, on the other hand the general consensus was that people should be able to increase the chance of getting an egg by bidding more. In the end we combined these two approaches and ensured there was always randomness, and just the weight would be adjusted as people increased the contribution.

We also wanted to make it that if you got bumped out of your tier at the last minute (either by a bot, or a bunch of apes, it actually INCREASED your chance of getting an egg) We were concerned that publishing this info would cause lots of bots to just bid right under the floor of each tier. Being totally transparent vs preventing bots from ruining the game was a tough call, but we think we made the right decision.

We will release a more detailed probability chart soon on our Discord.

Good — Nothing broke, almost

We had an amazing support team of over 10 people that practically stayed awake for 4 days. Our email server got rejected as we tried to email the 16k people that signed up to participate, we got attacked by bots, someone tried about 1000 times to break into our website and change the deposit address…. All in all, the 4 beta tests we ran, and the fireman system we put in place ensured that the launch was smooth for all participants.

Good — People seemed to like it.

Average shower participation per wallet was 6 meteors. So people came back hour after hour, and even multiple days to play the game.

Participation Statistics

  • Common meteors were collected for 8 UST — +15K
  • Meteors: +41K
  • Total Participants: +6.3K
  • Funds Donated: 3.98M UST
  • Number of participants that bid every single hour (all 44): 20

Team participation

As mentioned in our previous post, the team had no backdoor, we had to participate in the showers just like everyone else did. It was fun, and different team members tried different strategies.

In total the team contributed a drop over $110,262

We ended up with 128 ancient, 1350 rare, 676 common, 2154 meteors in total. We plan to keep some of these for the team, and the majority of them to use in giveaways and other marketing events.

The team’s contribution on average:

  • Ancient: $165.39
  • Rare: $58.25
  • Common: $15.47

We felt it was unfair to over contribute because that would potentially move the price for the other people in each shower.

What next?

Purchase of LUNA

We already used roughly $1M UST to buy LUNA for the Levana LUNA2x pool which will go live in about a month.

16.5% of the funds collected are set aside for the builders.

Use of funds

We will use the rest of the UST to dollar cost average into LUNA between now and Levana Protocol’s launch. This will create Pool1 for the LLI LUNA2x Pool.

Private Discord Channels for Meteor holders

The main goal of this project was to build out the Levana community.

If you are a meteor holder, please verify here and participate in the conversation on Discord

Instructions to Verify Levana NFT Ownership

  1. type “/lunar-link”
  2. sign the transaction via your Chrome browser Terra Station extension
  3. type “/lunar-view-roles” to check that you are now a “Meteor Holder”

Cracking station — Thanksgiving

We are working on the logic and UI/UX for the cracking station. We want to make sure it has no bugs, and is a smooth experience. We think it will take about two weeks to build, test, beta, fix and release. We are internally targeting Thanksgiving and will keep you posted on our progress as we get closer.

Logic about egg distribution

There is a lot of conversation in Discord about how the attributes impact the likelihood of containing an egg. We are keeping tight lipped about this today, but will release the logic after the minting event. In the meantime, enjoy this stage of the game where people, speculate, trade and discuss what is inside their meteor.

Game Development

We have full intention to build out a game around the Levana Dragons, and to utilize the Levana NFTs in that game. We need your help and support for ideas on what you would like to do with your NFTs, both from the Levana ecosystem and the larger Terra ecosystem.

Your participation is needed

It really does take a village to create a great product. We look forward to your active participation. The story behind the eggs is a great place to start.

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