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Name What Matters

“Names have power.” — Rick Riordan

Knowing the name of a thing gives you power over it.

From the ancient Egyptian and Greek Gods to Jewish and Chinese Daoist traditions, one’s “true name” is kept hidden, lest another God or mortal gain advantage. Even modern cryptography uses this term to represent a closely guarded secret. Unlock the secret and you seize control of what the name represents… its identity.

A similar effect is achieved with things in your life.

Name a thing and it stands before you in full objective view. Fail to name a thing, and it remains hidden from view.

Naming is important for separating things of meaning from everything else. In a world filled with clutter and distractions, you must name what matters. Otherwise, it is lost in the maelstrom of life.

  • Who do you love and care for? Name them.
  • What things bring you joy in life? Name them.
  • What principles do you hold dear? Name them.
  • What are your current aspirations in life? Name them.

Naming works in reverse to call out those things you wish to banish. Naming brings awareness. Awareness brings objectivity. There is no hiding from the objective eye.

  • What has no place or beauty in your home? Name them.
  • What activities bring only discontent? Name them.
  • Who does not reciprocate your love? Name them.
  • What are your ineffective habits? Name them.

Self improvement and transformation starts with naming things. Write them down. Say them aloud. Make them visible. Seize power over them. Force your will upon them.

Names appear to be such simple, ordinary things. Don’t be fooled. Name what matters. Name what doesn’t matter. Keep the former. Banish the latter.




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William Willis

Professional Coach: I write about motivation through meaning, becoming who you aspire to be, improving a little each day and reaching high performance.

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